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Zuma Not Going To Jail-Video



Zuma not going to jail on Sunday as ConCourt agrees to hear the application. Reprieve for Zuma as ConCourt agrees to hear his contempt rescission case.

Former President Jacob Zuma will not be going to jail any time soon – after the Constitutional Court agreed to hear his application for a rescission of its contempt ruling against him.

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In directions issued one day after Zuma launched urgent legal action to undo the contempt finding made against him or plead for a lesser sentence than the 15 months he currently faces, the Constitutional Court agreed that it would hear his rescission application on 12 July.

The Court’s directions effectively suspend its committal orders against him, under which police had three days to arrest him if he didn’t hand himself over to authorities by Sunday.

Zuma was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment after he defied the apex court’s ruling that he appear before the State Capture Inquiry and answer questions that did not implicate him in specific crimes.
After refusing to make any submissions on the sanction he should face, Zuma now argues that sending him to prison would amount to a “death sentence.

He also denies he is guilty of contempt.

The Inquiry is opposing his rescission application and had until Tuesday to file papers in response to his arguments.


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South Africa

South Africans Campaign To Stop Zimbabwe Permits Renewal




The Zimbabwe Permits Renewal process is due to be announced in a few days and a few South Africans have started a campaign to have the Zimbabwe Permits Renewal process halted.

#NoToZimWorkPermits is trending on Twitter as South Africans try to put pressure on their government to stop the renewal of the Zimbabwe Exemption Permits (ZEP).

Those behind the campaign have asked the government to #PutSouthAfricansFirst a hashtag that has been in and out of the top trends on Twitter whenever foreigners become a topic.

They have cited SA’s high unemployment rate for their campaign.

The campaign comes after SA Minister of Home Affairs Aaron Motsoalade said that the cabinet was deliberating on the issue of the ZEP renewal and that an announcement would be made soon.

Another group of ZEP holders approached the Johannesburg high court in a bid to force the Department of Home Affairs to declare ZEP holders permanent residents. The group says that they have stayed legally in the country for more than ten years and they now had nowhere else to go.

The court challenge caused another uproar on social media as South Africans questioned why the Zimbabweans no longer wanted to go back home.

#NoToZimWorkPermits started trending on Sunday afternoon sparking an exchange of insults between Zimbabweans and the campaigners.

Zim Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono joined the conversation asking Zimbabweans not to insult South Africans.

#NoToZimWorkPermits will be hated by about 180,000 ZEP holders anxiously waiting for a positive announcement.

Campaigns against foreigners in South Africa are an ongoing thing. It remains to be seen if the current campaign will force a policy shift.

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John Wick Guns Down Feared Mamelodi Boko Haram Gang Boss, Nkunzi




Mamelodi’s Boko Haram gang leader Phillip Given Mnguni, popularly known as Nkunzi has been shot dead, apparently by ‘John Wick’.

john wick

The suspected killer, John Wick of Mamelodi, is believed to be behind the killing of at least seven people Boko Haram gang members in Mamelodi between August and 10 October.

Nkunzi was shot dead on Tuesday his car was shot at by unknown men while traveling in Rayton, east of Pretoria.

He is the man said to be targeting the Boko Haram gang, which has been accused of terrorizing the people of Soshanguve. The locals dubbed him – “John Wick”.

John Wick, played by American actor Keanu Reeves, is the titular character in a series of movies where he takes on bad guys.

In the same manner, John Wick of Mamelodi has been cleaning the streets of bad guys. Tweeps have fallen in love with him, following keenly on his progress.

The term ‘John Wick’ topped trends from yesterday afternoon into the night after the assassination of Nkunzi.

Mamelodi Boko Haram
Boko Haram, led by the feared Nkunzi, has often been described by residents and Mamelodi’s business community as a complex criminal network that uses violence and intimidation to extort money from individuals and businesses in the township.

According to the police, the recent murders were allegedly committed by a breakaway group from Boko Haram, calling themselves Bafarasai.

Gauteng police spokesperson Brigadier Brenda Muridili confirmed that a Boko Haram gang member was killed in a hail of bullets on the N4 highway between R515 and Donkerhoek off-ramp.

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“Boschkop police responded to a shooting incident today at about noon, on the N4 Highway near Diamond Hill Toll Plaza where a man was killed and his girlfriend was injured,” Muridili said.

She said upon arrival on the scene, the police were told by a witness that a black VW Polo was shot at by occupants of a silver-grey Mercedes-Benz. The driver of the Polo lost control of the vehicle and the vehicle came to a stop.

The driver of the Polo was declared dead on the scene, while the passenger was rushed to hospital with gunshot wounds.

Muridili said preliminary investigations on the scene identified the deceased as 35-year-old Phillip Given Mnguni. The task team established to investigate gang activities in Mamelodi had already linked him to several cases linked to Boko Haram, she said.

Police have assigned a team of several specialised units including organised crime and intelligence to probe the recent killings but no arrests have been made so far.

Locals took to Twitter to celebrate Nkunzi’s demise.

Nkunzi is the latest victim in what seems like organised hits which have seen bodies piling up, mainly of Boko Haram members, since August.

In pictures widely shared through WhatsApp, a lifeless body believed to be of Nkunzi is seen lying next to a black vehicle sprayed with bullets.

In one of the voice clips recorded at the scene, a male voice recording it is heard saying: This is the end of Boko Haram, Given has been shot and killed with a rifle.”

In yet another unconfirmed assassination John Wick is credited for killing another gangster on Tuesday night.

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Orlando Pirates Soccer Star Caught In Mapona Pona Scandal




THEY partied up a storm at Propaganda Club in Tshwane on Saturday, 18 September.

When the club closed at 10pm, they decided to go to another location to continue the party.

But the fun ended in tears for the p_orn actress Wandi Ndlovu, who found herself in a war of words with Orlando Pirates star Gabadinho Mhango.

Speaking in the presence of her mum, who didn’t want to be named, Wandi told Mzansi Ndaba things started going wrong when they stopped at a garage in Sandton, north of Joburg, for petrol.

“We were travelling in two cars and ours was driven by Gabadinho. “I got out to get some fresh air and as I tried to get back in, Gabadinho drove over my foot. I screamed in pain but he wouldn’t stop the car,” she claimed.


She said Gabadinho allegedly refused to take her to the hospital because it was after curfew.

“I was in pain and I started shouting at him. I told him to leave me at the garage so I could go to a nearby hospital, but he refused. Eventually, he dropped me off somewhere and I got a taxi home to Katlehong in Ekurhuleni,” she said.

Wandi’s friend claimed: “We were partying with Gabadinho at a club. But we decided to go to a private place in Sandton, where we were going to party more without curfew restrictions.

“We stopped for fuel first. This is where her foot got injured. There was a fight among ourselves because Wandi was no longer willing to go to Sandton, she wanted to be taken back home.

“We left her at another garage because she was in pain and fighting with us. We then drove off with Gabadinho,” said the friend.

The next morning, she tried to open a case, but cops allegedly told her she’d have to do it in Tshwane.


“I realised it would cost too much and take too long to travel back and forth, so I decided not to open a case but I believe God will punish him for me,” she said.

Gabadinho denied that he drove over her.

He said he drove straight home from the club and his friend, Kevin Banda, agreed to drive her and her friends home.

“As he was driving them home, they stopped at a garage and that was when Wandi was injured. I was about to get home when Kevin phoned me. At the time, she was insulting everyone in the car.

“I only went back to calm the situation and I decided to drive her and her friends back home,” he said.

Gabadinho said she was only trying to harm his reputation.

“I think she’s desperate for money and she was trying to trap me,” he said.

Gabadinho’s friend, Kevin, confirmed his version of events to the MzansiNdaba team.

Orlando Pirates administrator Floyd Mbele said he was not aware of the incident and could not comment.

“We can only start acting when a complaint is lodged and we get both versions of the story,” he said. Police spokesman Captain Mavela Masondo said Wandi could open a case at any time.

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