A Twitter campaign started by a popular social media influencer has gained momentum and threatening the livelihoods of Zimbabweans in neighboring South Africa. The hashtag, #ZimbabweansMustFall , was retweeted and shared over 15 000 times in a period of 12 hours. Our South African neighbors called for Zimbabweans to go back to Zimbabwe as they are hogging resources and taking away opportunities from South Africans.

The originator of the hash tag #ZimbabweansMustFall is one Lerato Pillay who boasts a following of over 57 000 followers on her Twitter account. What is of concern in the virality of the #ZimbabweansMustFall trend. Many South Africans supported the sentiments and shared harrowing details of how Zimbabweans in South Africa have resorted to crime, mostly the undocumented ones, MzansiNdaba reports


Below are a few Tweets and reactions from  #ZimbabweansMustFall :

We have thousands of unemployed teachers in South Africa but Gauteng Department of Education Employs Zimbabwean teachers, they go as far making them SA languages teachers. Zimbabweans teach Isizulu in Gauteng public schools #ZimbabweansMustFall

After a few of the Tweets by Lerato Pillay, some South Africans agreed with her and shared their negative experiences which they faced within the hands of Zimbabweans.

Zimbabweans in South Africa became worried and some feared the call for Zimbabweans to fall might cause the start of another xenophobic outbreak. As the tension rises, another campaign called #ZimbabweansMustRise was gaining momentum on Twitter.


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