HER body is the temple of God, she’s just human and, she makes mistakes.

This is the response from gatvol Kamohelo Moerane.

Kamohelo says she is one of the women who was featured in the video of the mapona jacuzzi party shame recently.

Mzansi Ndaba published a story about a 21-second video showing a group of naked women with two naked men in a jacuzzi in a secret location somewhere in Vanderbijlpark.

In the video, the women are seen bathing naked together with three men, while soft music plays in the background, with bottles of alcohol lying around near the water.

On Wednesday Kamohelo, who was identified on social media as one of the five women in the video, posted a video on social media where she said she’s not perfect but respects herself.


“What I’m clearing up is that I heard they said I’m selling my body. This body is the temple of God,” she said. “This girl here isn’t perfect. She’s human like any other but kea e hlompha (I respect myself).

“Ke e tseba beterenyana ho feta lona kao fela (I know myself better than you know me).”

The woman emphasised that allegations she pokes for shoes, as social media users have alleged, are not true.

“I’m not a cheapskate,” she said.


“I work for myself. No! You guys, just chill. You guys must rest and mind your own business.”