MAMA Jostina Sangweni had been displayed as a mad person all over social media and was beaten and brutalised.

But the gogo wasn’t mad. She had been diagnosed with a mental illness.


Jostina (58) from Emdeni in Soweto was beaten and burnt after her dementia kicked in and she lost her way home in Mapetla.

Last week Mzansi Ndaba published the story of her dressed in sangoma clothes. In the video she was being sworn at and kicked. Her dad Samson (82) said: “I’m torn inside, especially the way they painted her as an evil person.

“My child died because of what she was wearing. If it was a young appealing woman dressed differently, they wouldn’t have killed her. They tied her up, poured petrol over her, and set her alight.”

The family found her still alive, her face badly burnt. Jostina’s son-in-law, Javbu Moagi, said she was taking western and traditional medication.

“She went missing during a service at that house. We searched but couldn’t find her. We went to the police. I drove her to Bheki Mlangeni Hospital and they took her to Baragwanath in an ambulance.”

Jabu said he’s ashamed to be a man. “She was harmless and they could’ve called us as she asked. I don’t know what I’d do if I met her perpetrators.”

He said people need to stop mob mentality and violence against women. The CRL Commission’s Prof David Mosoma denounced the criminal act, a disguised form of gender-based violence.

Police spokeswoman Mathapelo Peters said no suspects have been arrested as the investigators are building a solid case.

You can watch the shocking video HERE