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Watch| Gogo Maweni Fires Warning Shots At Women Attempting To Steal Her Husband



Gogo Maweni
Controversial sangoma and reality star Gogo Maweni has sparked mixed reactions on social media after she fired warning shots at women attempting to steal her husband Sabelo.

Gogo Maweni

Gogo Maweni

In a Tik Tok video which is doing rounds on social media, Gogo Maweni threatened to deal with any woman who gets involved with her husband.

She said gone are the days when she would physically fight for her husband. Gogo Maweni said with the power of social media nowadays it has become so much easier to deal with any woman who gets into a relationship with her husband.

She said now all she needs is a picture, the woman’s name and surname and she will deal with the woman at 12 o’clock.

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Her video has since sparked mixed reactions on social media as some tweeps are accusing her of practising daylight witchcraft. Tweeps told her to deal with her husband instead of rushing to bewitch other women who in some instances will not even be aware that her husband is married.

Here are some of the reactions;


Instead of dealing with the dog (husband) you sleep with, you choose to focus on the other lady? When will women wake up


Honestly, njengoba ethi every woman knows who she is with, does the man not know that he is married? Yoh hai shame, it’s exhausting


And she’s not joking. Most women would rather deal with the girl than the husband. It’s better to stay away from people’s men


Imagine prising yourself with such bulls*it, instead of dealing with the actual culprit. Now you’ll go around casting spells on every woman he cheats with?

For that I hope he actually does. 🚮🚮🚮


I’ve always said this…that’s why men will always cheat coz woman think it’s okay to deal with the woman not the’s different when the girl is a friend Or someone I personally know like that that then they are both my partner I would kick your ass not the girl.


The witch…doctor has spoken!

Kamnandi niz’vele! Daylight witchcraft.

African people…please wake up & smell the truth about these people.🙄Continue calling them “traditional healers” even after they admit it in broad daylight that she will deal with any opp of hers at 00:00.

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Tamia Mpisane’s revealing outfit at DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards causes a stir – PICS




Mzansi media personalities Tamia Mpisane and actress Ntando Duma have gone viral in Mzansi and across Africa following their risque see-through outfits.

Tamia Mpisane

Tamia Mpisane

The two women wore the sheer revealing outfits when they attended Saturday’s glamorous DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards (DStv MVCA) event.

Ntando Duma looked stunning in a hot see-through, nude pink dress embellished with bling by Miano Designs.

The mother of one looked flawless in the see-through dress that left many fans and followers stunned.

Sharing the photos from the event on social media, Ntando Duma wrote,

Disgustingly delicious fine ass mama ENTERED the chat.. tshabang ke fete!

I love you @mianodesigns thank you so much for this dress! We DID IT!

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Tamia Mpisane, on the other hand, was dressed in an immaculate see-through gown from OM Style Avenue, a luxury couture brand based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Tamia, who was with her husband Andile Mpisane, looked glamorous as she showed off her flawless body.

Her post-pregnancy body looked incredible, despite it being only months after she gave birth to her first child.


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A post shared by Tamia Mpisane (@tamia_mpisane)

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Tamia Mpisane and Ntando Duma’s pictures have been going viral in South Africa and across the continent as people marvelled at the two’s poise and confidence.

However, some were not impressed. They accused Tamia and Ntando of disrespecting their culture and traditions by allegedly going out half naked.

Some begged to differ, however. They defended the two women’s outfits and insisted that they looked stunning.

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Enyobeni Tavern Survivor Shares New Footage And Details Of What Happened Moments Before His 21 Friends Died




A survivor in the horrific tragedy that claimed21 groovists at a tavern in Eastern Cape has shared first-hand information on what happened moments leading to the death of 21 youngsters who were packed like sardines in the venue. Many versions have come out with people wondering what really happened at Enyobeni Tavern.

An Eastern Cape artist, Brian Mapasa, was performing at the venue when tragedy struck. Brian shared footage of the recording and also a harrowing first hand information. Watch the footage below.

When their children left home for a pens-down party, parents thought they would see them again. But they later heard that at least 21 teenagers had died at a local tavern, allegedly from a suspected poisonous gas.

And when they rushed to the scene, they were told they would have to wait to identify the bodies at the mortuaty and learn if their kids would ever return home.

Tensions ran high at the tavern in Scenery Park, East London, 26 June as worried parents gathered to learn if their children were among the dead. They were told they would only be able to identify the bodies once they reached Woodbrook Mortuary.

Another father also shared the heartbreak of finding out her daughter had passed away in the tavern incident.

Mngxongo said his daughter, NoPinky, usually came back from partying early in the morning.

“Whenever she went out, she would return home in the early hours of the morning. I would often wake up and open the door for her in those early hours, but I worried when she could not knock at the door at the usual time this morning,” he said.

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WHy #TheWife Got Rid Of All It’s Main Characters (Khanyi Mbau, Zikhona Sodlaka, Mondli Makhoba And More)




With productions for season 3 almost commencing, The Wife is reportedly making some major changes to its cast. Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela revealed that three more characters are leaving and they all play lead.

The Showmax series is reportedly letting go of three characters who all played lead characters. Phil took to Twitter to announce that Mondli Makhoba who plays Nkosana Zulu AKA Bhuti Omdala, his wife Zandile Zulu played by Khanyi Mbau and Mandisa played by Zikhona Sodlaka, Nqoba Zulu’s baby mama, are all leaving and will not be part of season 3.

This news shook viewers and many said the whole thing should just be canceled altogether.

However, Phil reckons that this is caused by The Wife readers complaining that the series is not sticking to the book. So in season 3, which is book 3 of the book series, the focus is on Naledi, Qhawe Zulu’s, played by Kwenzo, love interest.

But many argue that although they will not be the centre of the book, Zandile and Nkosana’s presence is still pretty much felt as they make certain appearances throughout the various books.

Previously Phil revealed that Mbalenhle Mavimbela will be leaving but her character Mahlomu will not be leaving so that means she will be recast. Reasons for her exit are kept on the down-low for now, but Phil reckoned that it is for personal reasons

“The Wife without Mbali will be a tad strange because she really dazzled in this role. The move could also be temporary, should they get more seasons. If they don’t recast in her absence, I would want to see her return,” said Phil.

On why she left, he said, “Can’t say. Not my place. Let’s just say, shooting was not gonna be ideal for her right now.”

The Wife characters dominated the DStv Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards (DMVCA) nominations but two of them won. Abdul Khoza won Favourite Male Actor and Kwenzo Ngcobo won Favourite Rising Star.

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