#VuthelaChallenge Pics Go Viral

There is never a shortage of content and entertainment in tge mzansi streets. Hardly a few days go by without something trending.

South Africans quickly forgot about Uncle Vinny who trended over the weekend and jumped onto a new trend they are calling #VuthelaChallenge. The highly suggestive images of ladies blowing a fire have been circulating on social media.

You might have come across some images from the challenge. Mzansi Ndaba has made a collection of some of he most trending images from the challenge.

Social media was out of words. Check out some of the most inspiring images from the #VuthelaChallenge.

Above image generated a lot of interest and comments. Especially the fact that there is actually no fire at all and the lady is blowing onto nothing. But the gents did not mind the angle and view.

This was one of the earliest #VuthelaChallenge pictures before the trend went viral.

A slay queen in a redbat participating in the challenge.

Many felt it was torture for the person taking the images.

The image below was declared the winner by South Africans.