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Tributes And Condolences Pour In To Simphiwe Dana



Songbird Simphiwe Dana is mourning the death of her beloved mother, Mamjoli. Simphiwe had previously announced that her mother tested positive for Covid-19. Simphiwe Dana’s Mother Dies.

On 30 June 2021, Dana, uncovered that her mom, who is resigned nurture, had tried positive for Covid-19.

In a Tweet, the star said, “My mother has been determined to have the Covid. She is a resigned nurture who returned to work for an advanced age home since nursing to her is a calling. She is recuperating at home and is by all accounts alright. She has diabetes. Still I have confidence she will get through.”

Simphiwe Dana's Mother Dies

Simphiwe Dana’s Mother Dies

However, Mamjola as Sipmhiwe called her, sadly did not make it and passed away on the 21st of July.

Simphiwe has also been very vocal in the unrests that gripped South Africa over the past coupe of days and used her influence to advocate for peace in the country.

The number of Covid-19 related deaths on the 21st of July was 516 and 16 240 new cases.

Simphiwe Dana is a Xhosa singer and songwriter in South Africa. Due to her unique combination of Jazz, Afro-soul, Rap and Traditional music, she has been hailed as the “new Miriam Makeba”. Dana is also known for her creative social commentary and activism through music as a political art form.

Condolence and tribute messages poured in as people sent their heartfelt condolences.

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Drama as daughter r@ped by her dad for 9 years wants more tlof tlof from him




A 21-year-old woman who was allegedly r_ped by her father over a nine-year period has refused to end their s.e.xual relationship. The woman, who has since fallen pregnant, identified another man as her baby’s father but it was later revealed that her father had impregnated her.

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The woman’s refusal to end the affair has caused a rift in the family and a team of social workers has been assigned to investigate the matter with a view to providing counseling to the family and offering ongoing psychosocial support to the woman who has suffered humiliation at the hands of her stepdaughter.

“Our team of social workers will also have sessions with the girl and provide her with psychosocial support,” said KZN MEC for Social Development, Nonhlanhla Khoza.

Furthermore, Khoza has called on police to investigate and charge the father.

“This man should face statutory r_pe since he started to sleep with his daughter while still a minor,” the MEC said.

It is alleged that the girl and her father began a s.e.xual relationship when she was 12.

It is further alleged that the 52-year-old man began raping his daughter when she would come over to visit him.

Khoza said the girl lost her mother and stayed with her sibling, father and stepmother.

She expressed shock at the incident adding that such acts showed that there were those in communities who had lost their moral compass.

Khoza called on communities to stand together and call out those involved in child abuse, r_pe, and gender-based violence.

“If the communities did not keep quiet for so long, such dastardly acts may have been averted earlier. Our communities should understand that ignoring cases of s_xual exploitation perpetuates such actions.

“We want to appeal to the SAPS to conduct a thorough investigation and put forward a strong case for the prosecution against the man. As a society, we need to send a strong message to perpetrators of such crimes that we have zero tolerance for their disgusting behavior,” Khoza said.

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South Africa

Threesome With Popular Durban Abafundisi Footage Leaked




HE HAD an affair with mamfundisi for a year and five months and it was great. But things changed when she introduced her husband into their relationship. NOW HE’S ENDED UP BEING THE FILLING IN A SANDWICH HE NEVER WANTED TO ORDER!

The 32-year-old from Wattville in Ekurhuleni now regrets getting involved with the mamfundisi. He told MzansiNdaba he met the mamfundisi when she recruited him to join church. They grew closer and he eventually asked her out.

“We live in the same kasi, so I always saw her around. I only started liking her once I got to know her personality,” he said. In April, she told him she wanted her husband to be part of their relationship. “I was shocked. But she told me they have an open relationship and such things happen all the time,” he said.

Although he agreed to the new arrangement, he was surprised to see the pastor walk into the hotel room with his wife. “He could see I was scared, but told me to relax as there’s nothing to be afraid of,” he said. Things were great, but the couple allegedly started demanding more of the man’s time and also wanted to explore things he wasn’t comfortable with.

“They started to demand more time around June. I told them I had school and a girlfriend, and that this was becoming too much and I needed time,” he said. But instead of giving him a break, the mamfundisi suggested they draw up a time table.

“They called me in the first week of August and I decided to go because I missed the fun. But in the second week, the pastor started doing weird things to me. “He’d insert his finger in my butt and I’d move to show I was uncomfortable,” he said.

The man said this happened again and he told them he didn’t like it. That’s when the husband suggested he explores poking him while he does other things to his wife. “I decided there and then that I was done with this. I told them I was done, but they didn’t take it very well. The wife called and threatened to make my life a living hell. I blocked their calls,” he said.

He said he doesn’t know what to do and believes they won’t stop bothering him. “I need people to give me advice as to what to do in this situation,” he said.

The man’s brother (34) said he warned him about the mamfundisi. “He was too excited to have fun with these people. Now I don’t know how to help him.”

Daily Sun spoke to the mamfundisi (47), who denied threatening the man. But she admitted to being in a poking relationship with him. “I don’t think I should be explaining my bedroom matters to strangers, but this man has really helped my marriage,” she said.

She said they’ve grown fond of him and that’s why she was frustrated when he told them he was done. When the SunTeam tried to talk to the pastor (51), he said his wife spoke on his behalf.

Resident sexpert Gomie Seabi of the Umjolo & S_ex podcast said about the situation: “As we always say on the Umjolo & Sex podcast, sex is not supposed to be uncomfortable.

“So this is clearly not his cup of tea. He should just walk away.”

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South Africa

Listen Full Song | Sophie Ndaba’s Son Lwandle Ndaba Takes Aim At Max Lichaba In Diss Song




Sophie Ndaba’s son has released a song in which he takes aim his stepfather, Max Lichaba. The song, which is full of strong words has been trending on social media with its lyrical content and shows just how Lwandle Ndaba dislikes Max Lichaba.

Lwandle Ndaba, is Sophie and Themba Ndaba’s (Brutus from The Queen) son. He is also a rapper. His stage name is Ocean, and his parents are super proud of him. Though his parents divorced years ago, they are both still very active in his life.

He might be young, but seems like he would go extra miles to protect his mother. He has released a song, and the lyrics might not land well into his stepfather’s ears.

Lwandle Ndaba

Lwandle Ndaba

His mother and step father got married not so long ago. They have now gone their separate ways. Though both Sophie, and her estranged husband, Max have not said much to the public. Lwandle seems to have a lot to say about this father.

His lyrics clearly state that his stepfather is a devil. He has also promised that he will reveal all that his stepfather has done to his mother by midnight. It must something really horrible, for Lwandle to even say when women say men are trash, people should stop saying not all of them. What do you think are the things that Mr Lichaba was doing to his wife?

Listen to the full track below titled My Stepdad is the Devil

In one of the lines, he sang You the reason momma fell into depression while you busy buying Bentleys and bit**hs.

He also revealed that Max Lichaba cheated with his best friend who is young enough to be her daughter.

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