Family Feud host and producer Steve Harvey has appeared in a video in which he appears to partake in the viral DuduzaeZumaChallenge. The American has been spending a lot of time in South Africa shooting the second season of Family Feud.

What initially caught everyone’s attention due to Zuma Jr’s female fans swooning over his walk, quickly became a challenge.
A short video clip of presidential hopeful and controversial businessman Duduzane Zuma doing a short walk out of a building while smash hit ‘iMali Eningi’ by musician Big Zulu plays over the video has gone viral.


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Now funnyman Steve Harvey has shut down the challenge and there is no coming back. The multi millionaire gathered his close family to take part in the challenge,

Zuma Jr has been trending for various reasons over the last few weeks, with the latest reason being his status as a fashionista and a heartthrob.

South African men refused to be left behind and rose to the challenge, literally, by creating #duduzanechallenge to poke fun at the issue with some hilarious and entertaining results.

Zuma-the-younger’s political ambitions are as risible as those of US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump – a so-called White House senior adviser during Trump’s term in office, and the beneficiary of the most thinly veiled political cronyism in modern American politics…



MzansiNdaba has however noted that the video was edited and is not part of Steve Harvey doing the Duduzane Challenge. The editing is genius though and all the same funny.