Many South African celebrities live with chronic illnesses ranging from diseases with re-occurring symptoms to constantly debilitating conditions that impact their ability to work. It genuinely takes courageous and brave celebrities to reveal and open up about their health conditions not to talk about those suffering from chronic diseases that can never be cured.

Howza Mosese ( Lerumo in Scandal)

Howza Mosese is a South African actor and musician. He played the role of being a detective in the soapie Scandal on etv. Howza was born on the 17th of July 1983. He has been living with diabetes for 13 years now and he is currently 37 years old now. He discovered that he has diabetes at the age of 21 years.

Masechaba Moshoeshoe

Masechaba is a radio host, television presenter, and actress. She is currently 45 years of age. She was born on the 21 of April 1975. Her pictures recently went viral because of her dramatic weight loss. Her weight loss was spotted by her fans and followers on her recent role on Muvhango where she played a doctor. She then opened up about her suffering from a chronic illness, she made it clear that she is suffering from a chronic disease that led to her weight loss.

Sophie Lichaba

Sophie Lichaba is a famous Generations actress who is currently 48 years old. She was born on the 15th of July 1972 in Soweto. She is suffering from diabetes for some time and she was also reported to be dead many times because of her chronic illness. Last year Sophie suffered a stroke leading to a deterioration of her health condition, she later bounced back. She is married to a businessman who clearly takes care of her and he is always there for his wife.