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Shauwn Comes To Somizi’s Rescue



Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung’s divorce unsettlement has taken centre stage on his reality show, Living The Dream with Somizi. He is seeking help from relevant parties to assist him with the customary marriage issues he is facing.

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On the latest episode of Living The Dream, Somizi actively gets Shauwn Mkhize to help him handle issues. Even though Somizi’s problems seem to pile up, he still enjpys a vacation to Cape Town but Shauwn warned him that they have more pressing issues to attend and partying can wait.

On the latest episode, Shauwn and Somizi meet up at a popular shisanyama in Umlazi, Durban called Max’s Lifestyle and they discuss two of his most urgent issues, his divorce and the SARS issue.

“We have something important to fix, but you’re busy doing your makeup and attending parties. Parties can wait. What about this important thing?” said Shauwn to the Idols SA judge.

The two then set up a meeting for the following Monday and Somizi says he is ready with the paperwork.

“Can I come on Monday? On Monday I’ll bring the documents and everything. Let’s do it on Monday, please?” he asked Shauwn Somizi had just landed in Durban, following his trip to Cape Town.


Speaking to the camera, Somizi says Shauwn is of great help to him, especially with his ‘divorce unsettlement’, “We were discussing how we need to fix my issue with the lawyers and SARS and stuff. She’s really helping me a lot in terms of my divorce settlement… or unsettlement rather,” he said.

He even jokingly asked Andile Mpisane, Shauwn’s son for R5 million to help settle his taxes.

On the previous episode, Shauwn promised to help Somizi with his issues including the SARS issue as Shauwn had faced it before.

“I need you to connect me to the person… your tax lawyer. Because they’re after me now,” Somizi told Shauwn.

Shauwn sent her lawyers to Somizi, “Are they also after you? I will send it to you fast and furious. So they get onto it while you’re there in Cape Town.”

Somizi explained why he asked Shauwn for help and it’s because of her own experience with such matters.

“I just got a letter from my ex’s lawyers. So, I also need a divorce lawyer. The person to speak to right now is Shauwn because I think she’s been through both situations and she’s used very good lawyers,” he said.

After the episode aired, publications pointed out the real reason Somizi asked Shauwn for help. It is because he is reportedly in trouble with SARS. According to Sunday World, Somizi owes R3.5 million in taxes which date from 2014.

To help pay for this debt, a few of his luxury items were auctioned. These are: “A Samsung washing machine, a white sculpture (Guman Head), Le Creuset bowl, three plastic bar chairs, two red human statues, a Hisense television set with a remote, a smeg dishwasher, two brass painted coffee tables, one Carrol
Boyes knife set with stand, a Carrol Boyes bowl, five various Le Creuset pots, a Gold Air gas heater, a DeLonghi oil heater, a Samsung fridge, a silver kitchen bowl, three glass vases, eight cushions, a sleeper couch, a wooden TV stand with drawers, dining chairs and a table and knife set with stand.

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Shauwn Mkhize’s Embarrassing Red Carpet Blunder




Embarrassing video of Shauwn Mkhize at the 2022 BET Awards red carpet goes viral. Mzansi businesswoman and Reality TV star, MaMkhize aka Shauwn Mkhize trended on social media after footage of her at the 2022 BET Awards went viral. In the clip she shared on her TikTok account, Shauwn struts the red carpet at ‘Cultures Biggest Night’ but the paparazzi seems unbothered.

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Showing off her poses to an uninterested group of photographers, Shauwn wore a black and silver dress with her hair in a bun. The clip pans from her to the paparazzi and nobody seemed interested in taking pictures of her.

Social media users trolled the businesswoman and reality show star for even thinking her fame transcends to American shores.

“This has to be the moment she realized she isn’t as rich and important as she thought she was,” said @ThuliXakana.

“You know when you’re the baddie at your village in Rural areas and every man is dying to have you. But when you get to the cities you realize that you ain’t sh*t and no one cares. That’s how Mamkhize felt in that red carpet,” commented @ChrisExcel102.

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“It’s high time Mamkhize and Andile Mpisane make peace with the fact that, their riches are only a flex to some poor South Africans who envy their lives. Honestly, they have nothing to offer in the entertainment industry, they are trying to fit in everywhere!!”

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PICS | Two-headed snake rescued in Ndwedwe, KZN




PICS | Two-headed snake rescued in Ndwedwe, KZN. A seasoned Durban snake rescuer got the shock of his life when he received an image of a double-headed egg-eater snake he was asked to rescue in Ndwedwe, north of Durban.

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Snake rescuer and conservationist, Nick Evans said he was attending a braai recently when he received an image from Ndwedwe of the two-headed snake.

He said it was a southern brown egg-eater, a common, totally harmless species. However, this one had two heads.

Evans said two-headed snakes have hatched in captivity and in the wild, but it’s very rare and it’s a deformity.

“The gentleman in Ndwedwe had found it out in the open, in his yard. I’m sure he was just as surprised as me.

“He didn’t want anyone to harm it and put it in a bottle. He asked me to collect it and take it away from there. I thought that was really nice of him.”


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A young school girl commit suic!de after being bull!ed about her sangoma calling




A young school girl commit suicide after being bullied about her sangoma calling. A learner from Ndwendwe who was had been expelled from school for wearing traditional clothing ended her life despite the department of education allowing her to school and this is very tragic because we cannot blame the school neither we can’t blame her.


The learner claimed that because of her ancestral calling, she was expelled from wearing ibhayi over her uniform. Clearly, this is something that really means a lot to her and she wanted to express her calling without feeling ashamed over it.

Unfortunately, the school rules do not allow such activities as they have their own protocol, this case had to be reviewed by the department but sadly she committed suicide before the issue could be resolved.

The provincial education department expressed it’s sorrow of this loss and they had responded with a statement claiming that Mbalenhle was back in school and they don’t know the cause of her commiting suicide, they had also sent condolences to her family.

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