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RHOJ Star Fighting For Her Life



Real Housewives of Joburg star Christal Kay is embroiled in a legal battle over her mansion.

Christal‘s house has been the envy of the nation ever since she first appeared on the reality show, Real Housewives of Joburg (RHOJ).

Kristal who is the neighbour of the likes of Basetsane Khumalo and other high profile celebs in SA says she is frustrated because the deal has gone wrong.

According to Kay she entered into a deal of selling her Kyalami mansion for R8 million, last August with businesswoman Kholeka Bubu and little did she know that things were going to turn sour

According to Kay, Kholeka paid a deposit of just over half the purchase price into the estate agent’s trust account as a result of which she moved out and R1 million of the trust monies was paid directly to her.

‘‘This was used up during the move and rental payments as I was living elsewhere. It was agreed that the balance of the purchase price would be paid 8 months later,” she says.

Kay had to rent another home in Dainfern.

D day finally came for Bubu to pay the balance she owed, but she asked for an extension to pay the remaining three million as she did not have sufficient funds.

Kay says according to an addendum that was entered into and provided that for a three-month extension Bubu would pay her R750 000 and it would come out of the purchase price however it was recorded very clearly that these funds were non-refundable.

“These funds were necessary as I was required to incur further expenses while the transfer of the property was delayed by her. If she failed to make payment on the date set for the final payment which was the 19th July 2021 she would have to forfeit those funds as I had to carry significant expenses while the property transfer was delayed,’’ Kay further added.

But the payment date arrived and no final payment was forthcoming.

Kholeka was subsequently provided with a notice of cancellation in terms of the sale agreement and still failed to make payment timeously.

According to kay she then legally cancelled the sale agreement, but to her dismay the day after the cancellation she was presented with an unapproved bond from Kholeka trying to rescue her situation although according to the agreement it was not catered for a bond.

“She argues that whether she secures the purchase price by way of a cash payment or bond will make no difference to me, that is both untrue and irrelevant.”


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The manner in which the purchase price is paid in any sale agreement (be it for something as small as a chappie at a corner store or a mansion such as this one) is fundamental to the sale agreement and the payment needs to take place strictly according to the agreed provisions.” she adds.

Kays says she hopes to recoup her losses through a damages claim.

“Eviction proceedings have started in the Magistrates Court to get her out of the house in the interim but everyone knows how long the legal process can take.”

“I have had to brief attorneys and advocates at great cost. I just can’t wait for this all to be over! This is causing a significant cash flow issue. My bills keep piling up (including the legal fees) all while she continues to enjoy living in a mansion.’’

To add salt into her wounds Kay says she had to attend upon her property on 18 October for inspection.

“Despite us giving due notice to her attorney, Bubu called the police and the heavies on me. I was surrounded by police and men that looked like bouncers. They were all screaming and shouting and saying I was trespassing when I was not. Bubu is the illegal occupier. I can’t wait for my day in court to get my house back.”


Is Mohale’s Life In Danger?




Is Mohale’s Life In Danger?

Media personality Mohale Motaung took to his Twitter to share with tweeps a scary incident that has sent chills throughout Mzansi. Tweeps are still in shock speculating what exactly was the intention of the heinous act.

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In a tweet, a distraught Mohale went on to narrate the incident to his fans. He said, “Last night someone tried to spike my drink TWICE, Thank God @uPeace_ was there and saw this guy. We didn’t even know what to do after we caught him because we were just in so much disbelief. People are weird!”


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A post shared by Mohale Tebogo Motaung (@mohale_77)

Is Mohale's

Is Mohale’s

In response, tweeps have taken to Mohale’s comment section to comfort him and assure him that what is important is that no harm came upon him. For some, they simply believe that this was an act of sabotage and that someone is actually out to get Mohale.


For fans, the scary part is that they don’t know what would have happened had the guy not been caught. For some, they are all pointing fingers towards Somizi’s direction. I mean come on people. Haven’t these two had enough?

Now tweeps and fans alike have decided that Mohale needs a bodyguard because clearly Mzansi is no longer safe for the radio presenter. And while Mohale is yet to respond to the suggestions from his fans, it seems that he was really shaken by the incident.


Speaking of Somizi however, just the other day, Mohale was put on the spotlight, after a troll mentioned that Mohale was stealing Somgaga’s ideas and using them as his own.

This was after Mohale had announced that he would be holding a #FineryBrunchWithMohale that held quite the similar concept with Somizi’s #eatlovepraywithsomizi retreat tour. According to fans, this could just mean that Mohale is still hung up on his estranged husband.

There is no denying that Mohale has faced quite the backlash from tweeps and trolls alike ever since his breaking with Somizi. To many of Somizi’s fans, Mohale was simply with Somgaga for his money and nothing more. The two went from being Mzansi’s favourite couple to being well, Mohale and Somizi. And it seems, there is no going back for them.

But, whether they are together or not, fans are happy to see that Mohale continues to live his life to the fullest. In a recent Instagram post, Mohale is undoubtedly looking happy and fans love this for him. Despite the scary incident, Mohale retains a positive outlook all the way.

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‘Church paid me for every woman I killed’- man makes horrific confession




‘Church paid me for every woman I killed’- man makes a horrific confession. It has been asserted that the church employed a man who has admitted to murdering and assaulting women to carry out all of his acts.’



According to the suspect, his first employment paid him somewhat more than $16,000. Following it, “he became greedy.” As a result, he began murdering other women in order to supplement his income.

The suspect stated that after being introduced to the religion by a friend, he was directed by the church to kill a woman and obtain her private parts for which he would be reimbursed.

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He feels that after his first homicide, luring women into a room, killing them, and severing the portions required by his customer became second nature to him.


Prior to murdering them, he admitted that he always took advantage of his victims before dispatching them and sending the required pieces to his buyer. There was no mention of the church’s name because the investigation is still continuing and the police are reluctant to inform the ostensibly religious group.


Women, in my opinion, should be more choosy about the types of men they spend time with these days, and everyone should be more attentive about their profession and less prone to seek easy money.

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Sad News: Yet again SA has lost a legend




Sad News: Yet again SA has lost a legend. Durban: Tributes have been pouring in since the demise of Karshia Ajudhiya in a mishap throughout the end of the week.

Sad News

Sad News

Ajudhiya, 29, was a senior auditor for quality control at the Majuba Power Station. She was additionally the primary princess for the Miss India Northern KZN rivalry in 2016 and a competitor in the Miss India South Africa exhibition.

On Saturday morning she was getting back from Durban to her home in Volksrust, Mpumalanga, when she was killed in a crash on the N11 close to Newcastle.

Her folks, Navin, 54, a worker at Sasol, and Vanessa, 52, an instructor, were sitting tight for her to get back as she was expected to go to pre-school graduation with her mom.

However, at 7.30 am, her dad got a call from the police advising him regarding the mishap and her demise.

Vassa Mohan, an auntie, said Ajudhiya supported various wounds and passed them on at the scene.

“As a family, we are crushed. Karshia was an autonomous lady. She was a determined worker and the strength of our family. She would coordinate everything for us from birthday celebrations

to family social affairs. She had a cozy relationship with her folks and sibling Ashen. She was a major piece of everybody’s life. This moment, supplication is assisting us with remaining solid.”

Mohan said Ajudhiya had wanted to get hitched to her life partner, Rajiv Sadapal.

“As one would expect, it is hard for him to grapple with the misfortune. They had plans to wed and they were anticipating spending their coexistences. Her demise has not been simple for any of us.”

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Mohan said because of participating in events, Ajudhiya started local area work.
“In some rustic networks there are numerous little kids who come from helpless homes and they can’t manage the cost of clean cushions. Karshia stepped in to help and began a clean cushion assortment and conveyance program for them. She additionally circulated food to oppressed regions.”

She said one of her primary causes was a permanent place to stay for deserted youngsters.

“Karshia cherished investing energy with kids, particularly the young ladies. A portion of these kids had handicaps. She began her show challenge at the home for these young ladies. Her point was to assist with helping their certainty. Karshia guaranteed that each young lady who took an interest got a prize. She additionally helped raise assets for the home. She was a diamond.”

Accolades for her via online media included:

Akira Bipatram: “Karsh, your activities have contacted such countless hearts and today your nonappearance has broken those hearts. You were a wonderful lady, who prevailed in each attempt. Your grin was invaluable and it positively won’t ever be neglected.”


Shanice Naidoo: “Being encircled by a resilient lady is one of the most extraordinary sentiments on the planet yet today we stand absolutely and broke as one of our own, a very piece of my heart, has been taken. Karshia Ajudhiya my excellent sister, I can’t acknowledge that this was destiny since you didn’t have the right to go out that way. You have been a wellspring of solidarity and motivation to every one of those you have run into. Your lowliness and kind nature exceeded all logical limitations and for that, I am unceasingly thankful to have had the chance of knowing you.”

Ajudhiya was incinerated at the Newcastle Crematorium on Sunday.
Skipper Nqobile Gwala, a commonplace police representative, said an instance of chargeable murder was being examined.

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