Remember Sharon From Generations? This Is How She Looks Like Now

Many people remember Sharon from Generations, real name Kagiso Rakosa. The veloptous actress kept us captivated to our TV screens and unceremonuosily left the show. She had been on the show from 2005 to 2011. Kagiso re merged onto the limelight a few days ago after it was revealed she has a child with Shona Ferguson, husband to Connie Ferguson. It isa also alleged the two had an affair which led to the love child and her dismissal from Generations.

She also starred a role as Andiswa Mlaba, the sister of Detective Lungi Mlaba on the eKasi+ detective drama series Traffic, in 2014.

We haven’t been seeing Kagiso for 6 years now. Is she cooking up a storm? Her social media has been active and up open for anything. But she hasn’t been making any appearances on any event that has been happening. She has been low key that’s all.

All that we know is that she has been a loving wife and a mother, taking care of her family and nothing much. But I don’t think she will come back to our screens anytime soon. Surely when we see her it will be something major. Right now Kagiso is not up to anything she’s just being a loving mother and wife to her family. Maybe thats what she needed after Generations ended. We will never know.

On Kagiso Relationship with Shona Ferguson

Well, social media can thrust one into stardom and at the same time, it can ruin one’s career of a lifetime. Of late Shona Ferguson has seen himself trending for wrong reasons and rumour has it that he has a baby with former Generations star actress Kagiso Rakosa who played the might, Sharon, from 2005-2011.

Many questions have been asked if the two were an item or not back then but the two have not denied nor accepted their affair.

After her disastrous exit from Generations which Mzansi thinks Connie Ferguson had a hand, she went awol. But where is Kagiso Rakosa now?