Musician Prince Kaybee caught cheating.
Prince Kaybee is trending again and this time for the wrong reason. In a viral expose, screenshots of a Whatsapp chat between Prince Kaybee and another woman have emerged.

In the chats, Prince Kaybee can be seen referring to the woman as Babe and also getting an Uber for her so she can go see him on Cape Town where he was booked for a show.

The news will come as a devastating blow to Prince Kaybee lover Zola Mhlongo. The two seemed to be smitten and in love as they regularly post each other on social media.

Watch the video below.

Prince Kaybee soon tried to explain that the woman was just a business colleague and her name is Eurica.

He wrote “But this isn’t fair. Where is the rest of the screenshots. This is Eurica mos. A costume designer that came for costume measurements for videos to be shot in Cape Town. There is a part I told her to hurry up I’m playing at 11. Ai bo Eurica sies”.

He later went on to delete the Tweet but not before screenshots were taken.

Prince Kaybee Caught Cheating On Zola Mhlongo
Prince Kaybee Caught Cheating On Zola Mhlongo

Many people where divided on whose side to choose as some believed Prince Kaybee. Others however said his tone in calling a business colleague babe was completely wrong.

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