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Pirates Star Ben Motshwari In Hot Water After Assaulting Bae In Tavern



Orlando Pirates player Ben Motshwari is in hot water for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend at a tavern.

Today, the star handed himself over to the cops, briefly appeared in court and the case was taken off the roll pending further investigation.

However, his fans will not see him on the pitch for a while.

This is because the star midfielder was suspended by his club as he is facing a serious charge.

According to a source who spoke to Daily Sun, Motshwari’s girlfriend visited him at his home on Sunday, 19 September, but he decided to leave her with friends.

“He left for a long time and his girlfriend decided to look for him,” said the source, who asked not to be named.

The source said the girlfriend found Motshwari sitting with a girl in another house.

“She got angry and took Ben’s car. He followed her, wanting his car back, but she refused,” said the source.

“She then went to a tavern in Mohlakeng in the West Rand with her friends. They were chilling and having fun when Ben arrived and started hitting her,” the source claimed, adding Ben kept hitting his girlfriend until he was stopped by two other people.

“She sustained injuries. I hope she heals soon,” the source said.

The tavern owner told Daily Sun he wasn’t sure what happened.

He said Motshwari was a regular at his tavern.

“He’s a cool guy. He normally comes, greets and chills. I really don’t know what happened that day.I did not see the fight. I only heard about it,” said the owner.

The girlfriend opened a case at Randfontein Police Station.

Police spokesman Captain Mavela Masondo said the suspect handed himself to the police and appeared in court.

“The matter was taken off the roll pending investigations,” said Masondo.

When Daily Sun called Motshwari, he said he would ask his team whether he could take interviews or not.

“I’ve been with this woman for a long time. I don’t know why she’s dragging my name like this. What she is saying it’s a lie. That’s not what happened,” he claimed.

He said he would one day tell his side of the story.

“One thing I can tell you is that I’m not a violent person. I’ve never fought with anyone in my life, whether a guy or a girl. Why would I start today and ruin my career?

Ben said this was breaking his heart as people were writing all sort of things without hearing his side of the story.

“This is the sad thing about us black people. We always want to destroy another black person,” he said.

Meanwhile, Pirates has suspended the star.

In a statement, Pirates confirmed that the player has been charged by the police.

“Orlando Pirates Football Club can confirm that it has suspended midfielder Ben Motshwari after being charged by the police. Mr Motshwari will remain suspended pending an investigation. The matter is subject to a legal process, and the club is, therefore, unable to make further comments until that process is complete,” said the club.

Unfortunately, Daily Sun was unable to reach Motshwari’s girlfriend for comment.


How An iPhone Saved Durban Businessman Max Mqadi From Death




Owner of the popular Max’s Lifestyle restaurant in Umlazi, Durban, is in hospital after being shot twice on Thursday night.

According to police, Max Mqadi (51) was attacked by unknown gunmen after leaving his business premises in Umlazi, Durban.

Brigadier Jay Naidoo, National Police Spokesperson, said Mqadi was able to drive himself safely to Florida Road before seeking assistance.

“He sustained two gunshot wounds, however he was able to drive to Florida Road where he sought assistance. He was taken to a local hospital where he is reported to be in a stable condition,” said Naidoo.

Police in Umlazi are investigating a case of attempted murder.

Zinhle Mqadi, Max’s daughter tweeted last night on her personal account, “my heart is racing”.

Mqadi is a celebrated local hero after he turned his small butchery shisa nyama into one of the country’s most popular restaurants.

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South African Celebrities Who Killed People In Real Life




We all love celebrities, and sometimes we expect perfect behavior, forgetting that they are also human and make mistakes. In this article, we look at Mzansi celebrities who killed people accidentally.

Oscar Pistorius

The Paralympic athlete shot and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in the early hours of 14 February 2013.
Oscar did not deny the charges, but he told the court that he mistook her for an intruder. He was charged with murder, but the verdict came, and he was found not guilty of murder but of culpable homicide and reckless endangerment. He was released on parole six months later, only to have the State appeal with the Supreme court, and they sentenced him to 6years for murder, which they appealed again and had it increased to 15 years.

Manaka Ranaka

In December 2015, the actress hit an 18-year-old with her car on her way to Durban. The teen was crossing the N3 way on foot. Manaka went to the deceased’s family and apologized for her mistake, and they understood it was an accident and forgave her.

Jub Jub

On 8 March 2010, Jub Jub and Themba Tshabalala crashed into a group of students in Soweto. They were under the influence of drugs when their mini cooper crashed into those kids. Four of the children died, and two were seriously injured. They were first sentenced to 20years for murder and four years for attempted homicide. The State appealed the verdict with an argument that they were not in their right frame of mind at the time. They were both released on parole after serving only 4years of their time.

Tokollo Tshabalala

The Kwaito band member of TKZee joins the list of Mzansi celebrities who killed people accidentally. Tokollo was speeding in Botswana, and he ran over a stop sign. When the police tried to stop him, he overtook a car in front of him and collided with oncoming traffic. The woman driving the vehicle he collided with, Maria Monyatsi, did not survive the crash. He was charged with culpable homicide. When the authorities in South Africa got assurances that he would not be executed, he returned. He was later on acquitted of all charges.

Judith Sephuma

On 29 January 2013, the choirmaster hit a 79-year-old pensioner with her car in Soweto. She took the woman to a hospital, but unfortunately, she died after arriving at the hospital. Sephuma met with the older woman’s family and asked for forgiveness, and the family forgave her, and she even stayed in touch with the late woman’s children.

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Actress Gugu Gumede Joins Politics




Uzalo star Gugu Gumede is not prepared to let her late mother Zanele kaMagwaza Msibi’s legacy die down. Her late mother was a successful politician who lead the National Freedom Party. Following her footsteps, Gugu will be serving the party and go wherever it needs her to go.

Political parties are working overtime to canvas for the upcoming elections. Gugu Gumede is also on the ground urging supporters to pledge their support on the polls.

Gugu told supporters during the NFP’s manifesto launch that she is a proud member of the NFP and will serve the party with all she has. “…When I am here, I am not MaMlambo but a proud NFP member. This is the party that was led by a leader without a single corruption mark against her, a true definition of a leader,” she said as quoted by Daily Sun.

“Seeing you here really brings me so much joy and lot of emotions because I believe my mother left very early without seeing us getting back what we lost when we were intentionally disqualified from the 2016 elections,” she continued.

Gumede continued by pointing out the faults at the Zululand District Municipality, “We are going to vote and we will vote for the NFP. We will get everything that belongs to us. For five years, the Zululand District Municipality has failed to deliver basic services…Our time has come to take over where we left when we lost power…If you need me, I am available and I can go anywhere you need me. We can’t let Njinji’s legacy die,” promised Gugu.

Gugu who plays MaMlambo on Uzalo penned a heartfelt note on her social media following her mothers death last month. “My mother was a giant. A king. She came from nothing and had the task of breaking many generational curses; blessing many family members in between. She was a dedicated public servant; a pioneer and activist who changed many people’s lives. To my brother and I, though, she was Mommy. My BEST FRIEND. My confidant. My greatest fan. My prayer warrior. Our queen that we so dearly loved and revered.”

Zanele lost her life due to cardiac arrest linked to COVID-19. “Words will never be enough to express our appreciation for the love and affection that she single-handedly raised us with. We never lacked; and when the opportunity presented itself, we ensured that she never did too – and we are appreciative of this. We thank God that she lived long enough to watch her children be successes in their own rights, and bless her for it in return. Today, we are at peace knowing that she rests with the knowledge that she was loved and appreciated immensely.”

Gugu wished her mother a peaceful send off, “Hamba kahle Njinji. Yengwayo. Our hearts are in shambles, but we remain as strong as you were. I am so proud to be your daughter, Manqondo. I’ll always walk tall. You did it!”


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