Amanda Manku is a South African television presenter and actress best known for playing the character of Lizzy Thobakgale on Skeem Saam and made her acting debut in the second half of the series (Skeem Saam 2).

Amanda Manku knows all about the hard times and recently opened up about the dark space she found herself in when she was losing weight, jobs and hope pretty quickly.

The star, who plays the role of Elizabeth on the popular SABC 1 soapie, took to social media on Thursday to share a throwback pic of her looking a lot thinner, struggling to crack a smile.

She told her followers that it reminded her of a time when she was really struggling.

“I came across this picture from 3 years ago and it reminded me of a very sad time in my life. I was losing weight, losing jobs and losing my mind,” she said.

She said at that moment she couldn’t see how things would ever get better.

“I didn’t think it would get better and didn’t understand when everyone consoled me by saying, ‘you’ll be fine'”.

Amanda reassured fans that hard times don’t last.

“Listen. Bad times don’t last forever and when things clear up, you’ll forget you were ever in a dark place. If you’re going through a tough time now. Tough people do.”

Things are looking up for the star who is in a better space mentally.

“Right now, I’ve gained my weight back, I’m coming for the jobs I lost and I’m at a much much better place mentally.”

Today’s Elizabeth picture makes weaves on Facebook as she was sported loving normal life at villages. Yesterday it was Sibonelo from Uzalo and Today is Elizabeth from Skeem Saam. This shows that there are some celebrities who are very humble and accept whatever which comes their way.

Remember you cannot go to villages and expect to live high standard life like In suburbs coz at villages there are lack of things. What Elizabeth was spotted doing surprises lots of fans. Elizabeth have money and she is cable of doing things if she want.

Fans were not believing that indeed it is Elizabeth in the picture. They used to her with weaves, make up and looking very beautiful. Sometimes people live low life without make up and fancy clothes.


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