An Eastrern Cape preacher from the Solid Rock for Jesus Christ has narrowly escaped the wrath of a husband who caught him in the act with his wife, who happens to be the church choir lead lady.

The husband is said to have come from work earlier than usual and caught his pastor and matrimonial on their matrimonial bed. It is then that the angry husband raised an alarm and the community came out thinking a robber had been caught, but it was worse.

According to a report by Mzansi ndaba, the man of God, who preaches at Solid Rock for Jesus Christ, had to run for his life on foot and left behind some of his clothes and ran mapona.

The area Chief Alex Mutende rebuked the preacher and his lover for their indecent act and said police had launched investigations into the incident.

Mutende said he had confiscated the pastor’s clothes and motorcycle and the rest of the villagers joined him in condemning the duo’s despicable act.

The local elders asked the preacher to seek the forgiveness of the aggrieved husband and provide cows and goats through the chief.

The agitated husband said he was not ready to forgive his wife for sleeping with the pastor. The couple is parents to three children.

Just last month, William Makanu, 84, shocked villagers of Limpopo,  when he was caught in the act with his son’s wife.

Elders said they would be obliged to perform a cleansing ritual to cleanse the ageing man and his daughter-in-law.

Police officers who got wind of the happenings arrived on time and saved Makhanu from angry villages who were baying for his blood.