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OPINION : Why The Cigarette Ban Will Be Lifted Next Week



There is an ongoing debate on different platforms all across social media as to the cigarette ban being lifted in South Africa. After many moons and months, smokers have felt the heavy toll and blunt of the lockdown as the ban on cigarettes seem to have been the only thing still remaining.

An anonymous writer has submitted on why they feel the cigarette ban will be lifted. Banning cigarettes has seen a lot of business falling down, the country losing a lot of tax. On the other hand, the black market has emerged as other neighboring countries are now taking it to their own advantage of the situation in the country at the moment by smuggling cigarettes which there are selling at a high cost

The debate in the courtroom has not been taken well with the smokers. The law keeps stating that at the moment there are not willing to lift the ban, but they managed to lift alcohol ban. The lifting of the alcohol ban has also come

Incorrect estimates of how many smokers will get Covid-19, incorrect study references, outdated science from the Nineties, and studies picked to show the negative effects of smoking on patients all became known in court this week.

Cigarette ban

Cigarrette ban to be lifted this week according to an opinion writer

This is what minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma has apparently used to justify the tobacco sales ban. The state’s argument is contained in court papers after the Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association challenged the decision. It seems not only did Dlamini Zuma overstep her powers, but she also did so with no valid scientific basis.

State lawyers argued that she (Ministry) did not purposely mislead SA but was simply a blunder were some reports duplicated in numbers.

The 3-month ban has simply created an illicit market that is thriving and ensuring the supply of black market cigarettes for around R200 a box.

The judgment will be heard in a private hearing in the next few days.

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South Africa

Mzansi Mourns Gomora Actor Don Buthelezi (Israel Matseke Zulu)




Actor Israel Matseke Zulu plays the role of Don Buthelezi on Gomora. He leaves Gomora through death, Don was shot by his son Teddy – the role played by Sicelo Buthelezi. On Gomora, Don plays the role of an impulsive gang leader who previously left his marriage with Zodwa to stay in Sandton with a wealthy woman. Don’s fortunes turned south when the rich woman died, and her relatives took away everything leaving Teddy and their daughter Sibongile – the role played by Nandipha Khubone homeless.

In a bid to have a roof over his head, Don turned to Zodwa, who lives with her son Teddy. Don is Teddy’s father; he abandoned him at a tender age and had an obsession to make up for the lost time and regain his son’s trust.

When Don returned to Gomora, his birthplace, he tried to make ends meet through working at Zodwa’s boyfriend, Bongani’s Shisanyama. He joined a crime syndicate and took over Mamsonto’s operations as the car hijacking syndicate leader.

The struggle for power between Mamsonto’s camp, led by Thathi, her daughter and Don, ended in bloodshed. Thathi connived with Don’s trusted man Ntokozo and Stompie to direct him into a lion’s den. When Don found out he was trapped, he cornered Ntokozo and wanted to kill him; he drove to the river and forced him to dig his own grave. Mazet arrived on the scene and wrestled for Don’s gun, which went off, leaving Mazet injured and wheelchair-bound for the rest of her life.

Who killed Don on Gomora?

Don succumbed in the hands of his loved one Teddy who had earlier on purchased a gun to protect his mother against violent Don. Teddy again saved Ntokozo and Melusi when he killed his biological father, Don.

Whats next for Israel Matseke Zulu?

Israel Matseke Zulu leaves Gomora as an actor but retains his behind the scenes role. Before playing Don on Gomora, Israel was involved during the telenovela’s conception as a scene scout. He looked for places to shoot scenes and managed to secure the school in which Gomora was being shot.

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South Africa

WATCH | Man shot in head by cop during argument at Gauteng hotel




A man is in a coma after he was shot in the head, allegedly by a police officer, during an argument at Misty Hills Country Hotel, in Muldersdrift, Gauteng.

The man, who was a guest at the hotel, was shot after he allegedly fought with staff at the hotel on Saturday. It is not yet clear what the argument was about.

In a video of the incident, which has gone viral, the man is seen putting on his underwear as police officers stand around him at the entrance of a room.

One police officer is heard saying, “now you are playing dangerous”, as he approaches with a gun after ostensibly cocking it.

He shouts at the entrance: “Whose playing dangerous? You f****** coward. Come on.”

A woman off screen is heard saying that they are supposed to feel safe around the police, not endangered.

The man then comments that he is ashamed of the police officers. He is then seen grabbing a gun from an officer, saying, “take that gun, shoot me, shoot me”.

The officer’s colleague is seen firing a shot at him and he crumples to the floor, eliciting screams from the woman in the room.

According to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID), following an argument with staff, the manager had requested that the man leave the premises, and the hotel would refund him. However, he refused.

“… the security and manager followed him to his room and requested him to leave, then he became more aggressive,” said IPID spokesperson Grace Langa.

She said police officers were called to the hotel to assist and, when they arrived, the man started fighting with the police.

“He took a firearm out of the bed drawer, cocked it and one bullet fell down, and it is alleged the victim disarmed one police officer of his firearm.

“The guest (victim) was in possession of two firearms, then one police officer took out his service pistol and shot that guest once in the head,” said Langa.

His wife is believed to have been present.

You can watch the video HERE

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South Africa

South Africans Campaign To Stop Zimbabwe Permits Renewal




The Zimbabwe Permits Renewal process is due to be announced in a few days and a few South Africans have started a campaign to have the Zimbabwe Permits Renewal process halted.

#NoToZimWorkPermits is trending on Twitter as South Africans try to put pressure on their government to stop the renewal of the Zimbabwe Exemption Permits (ZEP).

Those behind the campaign have asked the government to #PutSouthAfricansFirst a hashtag that has been in and out of the top trends on Twitter whenever foreigners become a topic.

They have cited SA’s high unemployment rate for their campaign.

The campaign comes after SA Minister of Home Affairs Aaron Motsoalade said that the cabinet was deliberating on the issue of the ZEP renewal and that an announcement would be made soon.

Another group of ZEP holders approached the Johannesburg high court in a bid to force the Department of Home Affairs to declare ZEP holders permanent residents. The group says that they have stayed legally in the country for more than ten years and they now had nowhere else to go.

The court challenge caused another uproar on social media as South Africans questioned why the Zimbabweans no longer wanted to go back home.

#NoToZimWorkPermits started trending on Sunday afternoon sparking an exchange of insults between Zimbabweans and the campaigners.

Zim Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono joined the conversation asking Zimbabweans not to insult South Africans.

#NoToZimWorkPermits will be hated by about 180,000 ZEP holders anxiously waiting for a positive announcement.

Campaigns against foreigners in South Africa are an ongoing thing. It remains to be seen if the current campaign will force a policy shift.

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