Health Minister Zweli Mkhize says the vaccine rollout will be limited to South African citizens only. He says government does not have the capacity to assist undocumented foreign nationals.

“No one will be forced to vaccinate. Actually, we will promote it, we will explain for people to know it’s beneficial and we would like people to take their own decision on that and when you take the vaccine you sign consent so it’s clear that you consented to it.

“All you need when you go is to show that you have got an ID. You are a South African registered voter. For those who are undocumented, we are not able to deal with that because at the moment we would like to be able to deal with people based on the SA registration. So at this point, we have no plan to deal with those that are not documented,” Dr Mkhize explains.

Mkhize says way more than the original 40 million-target may have to vaccinate against COVID-19 for the country to achieve herd immunity.

Mkhize says, “We are saying, to get population immunity, we calculated that we need about 67%, 70% of the population to be vaccinated. It does depend on a number of issues. One of the issues is whether we are using predominantly the vaccine that has got an efficacy of 90 or 60 and so on if that is the situation, it might change the numbers and so on. We might end up having to increase the number of people who must be vaccinated. There are still a number of issues there that we are going to clarify.”

While there has been a reduction in COVID-19 admissions in a number of provinces including Gauteng and the Western Cape, high-care and intensive care units remain under strain.