Polo drivers are notorious for all the wrong reasons. There are many many stigmas attached to VW polo drivers and all are on the negative side.

In South Africa, there is a belief that Polo drivers are born from the same mother as they actually behave the same. Many examples have been seen of the genetics of polo drivers. Not just polo drivers, even GTI drivers.VW drivers are notorious.

Now another bad example of polo drivers has emerged on the timeline and this one shows one species who was caught cheating. Hell has not fury as they say. The man who was caught cheating had not only his car destroyed but also his possesions in his house.

Pictures of the incident flooded the internet and many people could not sympathise with the polo driver.

The reputation of said group has probably trumped that of minibus taxi operators for dubious behaviour on (and sometimes off) our roads.

Even if your interest in South African car culture is basic at best, you will have noticed the model has become the subject of multiple memes and other jokes filed to the motoring drawer.

On any given day in the realm of social media, your feed is bound to be graced by the image of a Polo in a compromising position. On its roof. Or in a hedge. Being attacked by an elephant. Wearing overly flamboyant modifications. Carrying interesting cargo (like hookah-pipe apparatus, lit coal optional).

As you can see, the justifications for those Polo driver stigmas are not completely unfounded. Will it ever change?

It was not clear where the incident took place but many people say it is justified.

Whatever the polo driver did, the lady is really pissed off and made sure he suffered a loss for breaking her heart.

Thoughts? Is the treatment against polo drivers justified?