Master KG Mistakenly Reveals His Real Age.

Hitmaker Master KG, who just turned 25, has brushed off comments from social media trolls that he looks way older than his real age.

In celebration of his recent birthday, Master KG took to social media, revealing that he was ecstatic to be blessed with another year of life.

While he thanked many of his followers and fans for the birthday messages, the Jerusalema hitmaker found himself laughing off trolls who poked fun at the fact that “he doesn’t look as young” as he claims he is.

Master KG jokingly replied to the trolls who claimed that he looks more like a 42-year-old than 25, asking them what was wrong with them to be coming at him like that.

Feeling that maybe he needs to “come clean” with his “real age”, Master KG sarcastically revealed that he was 35 years old and not 25 as he tried to counter the abuse.

The hitmaker added that while he may look old, age was nothing but a number and social media users needed to relax.

Here are some of the reactions regarding Master KG’s age: