Letoya Makhene-Pulumo and her wife Lebo Keswa-Pulumo have been off the radar ever since announcing that they have a stalker and also got robbed. The couple has been living in a bit of fear since the incident, and have even taken measures to stay off social media.

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It has been over a month now since they have posted anything on their social media accounts, as they usually do. The last time they hogged the headlines was after a publication insinuated that they were flat broke, to the point where they could not even afford to pay a restaurant bill.

Refuting these claims, the couple took to various media houses and stated that they have a healthy bank balance. They even went to the extent as saying they are willing to reveal their bank balance to the world to prove that the allegations are false.

They have opened a case of intimidation and defamation of character at the Sandton police station as they believe someone is stalking them and trying to destroy their image by spreading rumours on social media. “My wife and I wine and dine about three times a week. Now explain to me how we can be broke if we can afford to go out so much. We can send you our bank balance and it’s quite healthy,” stated Lebo keswa.

She continued by saying, “There’s a guy who has been stalking us for a while and he’s the first person who posted about this (R2000 bill left unpaid thing) on his Facebook. My wife and I wine and dine about three times a week and we have our usual places we go to. We were made aware of the Facebook post by this guy which we believe was where the rumour started that we didn’t pay the bill, which was about three weeks ago.”

Here’s Letoya’s last Instagram post which was on the 5th of February: