No doubt we can all now agree that its true Ubaba Ncwane was a great performer indeed. The late multi-award-winning South African musician Sfiso Ncwane saw his name making it on the top trends on Twitter after former Baby Mama Nonku Williams dropped a bombshell about their affair.

We can all agree that little was known about the two estranged relationships but alas! Mzansi seems to know more now. Just a few days after The Real House of Durban premiered the show has already wowed Mzansi. The Ncwane family in Mthwalume, south of Durban, has confirmed that they know Nonku Williams’ child.

The confirmation comes after the first episode of Real Housewives of Durban on Friday, 29 January, in which Nonku dropped a bombshell. She confessed she is late gospel star Sfiso Ncwane’s baby mama.

For a moment it seemed as if it was one of those on-screen pranks but it was far from that. The news took a knock on Ayanda. She told Sfiso’s widow, Ayanda Ncwane: “I know of you and you know of me.

Ayanda looked totally surprised by the revelation. However, it seems as if Williams was right Sfiso Ncwane did however confirmed that indeed Williams had a daughter with the late. Several family members from the Ncwane family did confirm and were not even surprised as they used to have time with their granddaughter.
Sfiso Ncwane’s family confirms Nonku Williams As Sfiso’s Baby Mama
Speaking to the Daily Sun Sfiso Ncwane mother had this to say Nonku’s daughter, Nothile is my grandchild.

“She and the baby used to visit us here at home․ The baby must have been a year or two years old. She was still learning to walk at that time. I haven’t seen them since then.”

She said she was told that Nonku lived overseas.

However, Sfiso’s Ncwane sister did admit that his late brother dated both at the same time. She went on to reveal that the late dated Williams who was from a rich family but soon broke up but they had a child together. Sbahle did indicate that a few months down the line she got married to Ayanda.

It’s not a surprise that Ayanda knew the affair but what she didn’t know was the babby mama. Sbahle’s version is collaborated by Ayanda’s in her book, For The Love of Sfiso Ncwane.