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KZN Sardine Run 2020 : Where To Catch Your Sardines



The annual KZN sardine run 2020 has edged closer to Durban beaches with a shoal netting yesterday morning at Winklespruit Beach. It is said to be all over the beaches.

On Monday, the Umhlanga Urban Improvement Precinct spotted a shoal of sardines about 300m offshore from the Umhlanga beaches.

KZN sardine run 2020

KZN sardine run 2020

Fishing DBN-South Africa member Omar Sayed said he saw shoals off the Durban beachfront yesterday while deep-sea fishing. Sayed said the shoals were deep in and needed some heavy wind to push them to the surf to be netted at the Durban beaches.

Netter Brahmanand Tony Outar, who was at Winklespruit Beach, described yesterday’s haul as huge. “This is the place to be,” he said.

On Sunday, more than 500 crates of annual sardines run for 2020 were netted at Illovo Beach and Pennington.

Greg Thompson, KZN Sharks Board acting head of operations, said annual sardines activity was accompanied by associated predators, including many big sharks seen close inshore.

Thompson speaking with DailyNews reiterated that due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 national lockdown, and in accordance with lockdown legislation and regulations, all shark safety gear was removed on March 24.

We have not been given a date as to when the beaches will be opened. Only then will we plan the installation of shark safety gear,” he said.

Shoals of annual sardine run for 2020 have been sighted with netting taking place at Pennington and Scottburgh and all along the South Coast of KZN for a number of weeks.

Dolphins, sharks, and gannets were seen pursuing the bait balls drawing tourists and fishermen alike.

The Annual Sardine Run for 2020 is an annual attraction whereby sardine shoals move northwards along the coastline, attracting marine life and seine netters.

The KZN South Coast benefits from the annual Sardine Run action being close to the shore and this year the little fish have already brought a lot of ocean action. But people should be aware of the dangers there can encounter due to the fact that the nets where removed ever since the pandemic emerged.

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Controversial Two Headed Snake In The Midst Of T B Joshua After Death




The ate televangelist’s TB Joshua’s death has left the world in mourning. Many people did not expect him to die as he was looking healthy and died after conducting a service.

TB Joshua was revered for his many many miracles and there had been talked by some that he faked some of them. The man had millions of followers across the world and one of his most known miracles was usually always involving snakes.

His followers have been coming forward and prophesying what the man had done for them.

One of his followers (42) said she would miss the prophet.

She said she was able to get a job, while her mother’s health improved after receiving prayers from Joshua.

“My husband paid for me to travel to Nigeria in 2012 with my mother.

“He laid his hands on us and I felt very light. I knew things were going to change.

“In less than two months, I got a job. He was truly a gifted man of God and we will miss him,” she said.

Another follower (58) said she was very hurt when Joshua’s church building collapsed in 2014 and killed congregants.

“My sister travelled to Nigeria because she believed she’d receive deliverance. We supported her as we trusted in the prophet’s preaching. He was our spiritual leader.

“She came back very traumatised. She was lucky to have survived. The collapse of the building shocked us. We are sad for those who died, but we still believe he was a true man of God,” she said.

Pastor Joseph Cidraas of Bethesda Healing Ministries International in Eldorado Park, south of Joburg, described Joshua who would have turned 58 on Saturday, as his spiritual father. Cidraas said he was in his early 20s when he travelled to Lagos in Nigeria to receive prayers from Joshua.

He said God anointed him using Joshua and his life has never been the same.
“I was a very sick child growing up. I had something in my body since the age of nine, which felt like an object and kept moving throughout my body. I went everywhere looking for help and not even doctors were able to help.”

He said the first time he heard Joshua preach, he knew he would give him healing.

“The prophet laid his hands on me and began to pray. While my eyes were closed I saw flashing lights and something told me not to open them because I will lose something. It was beautiful. During the prayer, I vomited horrible things including a snake with two heads,” he said.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri said: “I’m your rest, general, I celebrate your mission. You came, you preached, you touched souls and you demonstrated to the world that God is still speaking today. Rest, great general for I will, forever, live our mission.”

Joshua gained popularity for his predictions of world events, including that Covid-19 will disappear. He was the founder of Synagogue, Church of All Nations. The church said they were grateful of the messages of support. “God has taken his servant Prophet TB Joshua and it should be by divine will. His last moment on earth was spent in the service of God. This is what he lived for and died for,” said the church


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TB Joshua Cause Of Death Revealed




TB Joshua Cause Of Death

TB Joshua Ministries said on Sunday the Nigerian evangelist has died at the age of 57, a week before his birthday.

The Lagos-based Joshua, born June 12, 1963, died on Saturday of an undisclosed illness.

The ministries statement said: “God has taken his servant Prophet TB Joshua home – as it should be by divine will. His last moments on earth were spent in the service of God. This is what he was born for, lived for and died for.”

“The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations and Emmanuel TV Family appreciate your love, prayers and concern at this time and request a time of privacy for the family.”

TB Joshua Cause Of Death

TB Joshua Cause Of Death

Joshua was a controversial self-proclaimed prophet. Many had called for him to be held accountable after the collapse of his church, Synagogue of All Nations, when more than 80 South Africans died. In July 2015, a coroner’s inquest found the collapse was as a result of negligence. Some of the families accepted cash payments in compensation while others lodged lawsuits.

Most recently had his YouTube account shut down after he claimed to “cure” gay congregants of their homosexuality during one of his sermons.

Last year, Joshua falsely claimed he could “flush out” Covid-19.

The much-loved televangelist is famous across Africa, Europe and America.

His Youtube channel, Emmanuel Tv, had over 1,000,000 subscribers and was the world’s most viewed Christian ministry on the platform before it was suspended.

In September 2014, a guesthouse collapsed in Lagos’s Scoan Premises, killing at least 115 people, 84 of them were South Africans.

TB Joshua Cause Of Death

The pastor was 57 years old and six days away from celebrating his birthday on the 12 June.

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Meet The Woman With Seven Husbands : “I Satisfy Them All”




A video of a polyandrous woman married to seven (7) husbands has made rounds on social media. The woman who is apparently a traditional healer is reportedly living in peace with her husbands. The polyandrous woman does not cut her hair as was the case with her predecessors saying, like the Biblical Samson, her powers emanated from the hair. Watch the video below for more.

She stated, in a trending video, that she has built them houses each and also caters for their needs – The lady went on to reveal how she keeps them in check from cheating on her, saying she possesses superpowers.

The yet-to-be-identified woman married seven husbands herself.

In a trending video shared on Twitter , the woman who was flanked by all her husbands revealed that she singlehandedly takes care of their needs and has even built each one of them

The lady went on to state that it is at her discretion when it involves intercourse as she decides which of them it should be.

In a tone that exudes confidence, she boasted that none of the men have the effrontery to cheat on her. According to her, she possesses super powers that help checkmate their activities. In the clip, all her husbands were mute, save for sipping and passing to the next person a drink in a gourd she had held.

The video has generated mixed reactions on social media. Some persons opined that the men must be under a spell, others hailed her as the real queen.


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