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John Wick Guns Down Feared Mamelodi Boko Haram Gang Boss, Nkunzi



Mamelodi’s Boko Haram gang leader Phillip Given Mnguni, popularly known as Nkunzi has been shot dead, apparently by ‘John Wick’.

john wick

The suspected killer, John Wick of Mamelodi, is believed to be behind the killing of at least seven people Boko Haram gang members in Mamelodi between August and 10 October.

Nkunzi was shot dead on Tuesday his car was shot at by unknown men while traveling in Rayton, east of Pretoria.

He is the man said to be targeting the Boko Haram gang, which has been accused of terrorizing the people of Soshanguve. The locals dubbed him – “John Wick”.

John Wick, played by American actor Keanu Reeves, is the titular character in a series of movies where he takes on bad guys.

In the same manner, John Wick of Mamelodi has been cleaning the streets of bad guys. Tweeps have fallen in love with him, following keenly on his progress.

The term ‘John Wick’ topped trends from yesterday afternoon into the night after the assassination of Nkunzi.

Mamelodi Boko Haram
Boko Haram, led by the feared Nkunzi, has often been described by residents and Mamelodi’s business community as a complex criminal network that uses violence and intimidation to extort money from individuals and businesses in the township.

According to the police, the recent murders were allegedly committed by a breakaway group from Boko Haram, calling themselves Bafarasai.

Gauteng police spokesperson Brigadier Brenda Muridili confirmed that a Boko Haram gang member was killed in a hail of bullets on the N4 highway between R515 and Donkerhoek off-ramp.

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“Boschkop police responded to a shooting incident today at about noon, on the N4 Highway near Diamond Hill Toll Plaza where a man was killed and his girlfriend was injured,” Muridili said.

She said upon arrival on the scene, the police were told by a witness that a black VW Polo was shot at by occupants of a silver-grey Mercedes-Benz. The driver of the Polo lost control of the vehicle and the vehicle came to a stop.

The driver of the Polo was declared dead on the scene, while the passenger was rushed to hospital with gunshot wounds.

Muridili said preliminary investigations on the scene identified the deceased as 35-year-old Phillip Given Mnguni. The task team established to investigate gang activities in Mamelodi had already linked him to several cases linked to Boko Haram, she said.

Police have assigned a team of several specialised units including organised crime and intelligence to probe the recent killings but no arrests have been made so far.

Locals took to Twitter to celebrate Nkunzi’s demise.

Nkunzi is the latest victim in what seems like organised hits which have seen bodies piling up, mainly of Boko Haram members, since August.

In pictures widely shared through WhatsApp, a lifeless body believed to be of Nkunzi is seen lying next to a black vehicle sprayed with bullets.

In one of the voice clips recorded at the scene, a male voice recording it is heard saying: This is the end of Boko Haram, Given has been shot and killed with a rifle.”

In yet another unconfirmed assassination John Wick is credited for killing another gangster on Tuesday night.

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Uzalo Nosipho’s Red Dress Breaks The Internet | Pics




Actress Nompilo Maphumulo’s character Nosipho caused a frenzy on social media with her red dress after last night’s episode in ‘Uzalo’.

Popular actress Nompilo Maphumulo’s dress from last night’s (31 May) episode of Uzalo caused a frenzy on social media after her character Nosipho wore a seductive, red dress which showed her cleavage and generated the nickname Faith Nketsi for her character.

Viewers of Mzansi’s most-watched soapie Uzalo took to social media last night to react to Nosipho’s red dress after her episode aired on SABC1.

Fans of the actress admired her dress with some comparing her dress sense to influencer and businesswoman Faith Nketsi, according to Savannah News.

Onset, Maphumulp portrays the role of a woman who’s still recovering from the abuse she faced from her boyfriend Njeza.

Her boyfriend Njeza who got arrested, and was sentenced to prison for abusing her is now free and living in the same community of KwaMashu as her.

Nosipho has now rebranded herself as a beautiful, strong woman with her own business and has turned her back on her abusive ex-boyfriend played by Nkanyiso Makhaya.

The actress Nompilo Maphumulo who’s been part of Uzalo since February 2015 lost her mother MaNgcobo (played by DiepCity actress Dawn Thandeka King) in 2021 when she got sentenced to prison for drug possession.

The award-winning actress Dawn Thandeka King exited the show to play Thandiwe in Mzansi Magic’s DiepCity in March 2021 after playing the character for six years.

She announced her departure in a moving video on her Instagram where the cast and crew of Uzalo paid tribute to her character, MaNgcobo.

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WATCH | Man’s Head Transforms Into A Pig After Tlof Tlof With Married Woman




A man regretted the moment he slept with another man’s wife after the juju that was set up worked. Reports reacing Mzansi Ndaba’s desk suggest that the man’s name is Isaac Chibwe from Malawi. The incident happened in Malawi in a city called Salima.

According to eyewitnesses, Isaac approached the wife of a cross border truck driver (Moses) and confessed his undying love for her. The two are believed to have started dating and unbeknownst to both of them, the woman’s husband had set up juju on his wife after suspecting her promiscuous ways.


On the day of the incident, eyewitnesses say they saw Isaac going into Moses’ compound. After what appears to be a lifetime, they had Amanda screaming as she ran out of the house while half n_aked. Eyewitnesses went to check and found an unbearable site. Isaac’s face was turning into a pig and he was making grunting sounds. The spectacle soon invited a crowd who could not believe their eyes. Within a few minutes, Isaac’s head had completely transformed into a pig’s head.

The truck driver, Moses (61) and father of 7 was out of the country when the incident happened. It is believed the woman in question and Moses’ wife is 27 year old Amanda and the two got married in December last year and have a 3-month-old daughter together. Moses’ other kids are from his previous marriage.

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A local sangoma was summoned and he confirmed that this was all linked to sleeping with someone’s wife. Amanda made the confession as they tried to get hold of Moses who was unreachable. The sangoma informed the crowd that only Moses could reverse the juju.

A video of the incident has been circulating on social media. Watch it below :


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Connie Ferguson Gets A New Job After The Queen Got Cancelled




Our very own Tswana queen and media mogul Connie Ferguson has joined the Pink Day Family in partnership with Lions Cricket and Cricket South Africa. She continues to take parts in courses that really matter

Actress, TV producer and actress Connie has taken yet another stand for a course that matter and really close to her heart. Taking it to social media, The Queen actress came out dripped in pink in partnership with the Lions Cricket as well as the Cricket South Africa as the newly appointed chairperson to this worthy course.

Looking all glamorous in a pink and white maxi dress, we witnessed Connie Ferguson being appointed as the new Chairperson for the PINK ODI FUND family. According to the Lions Cricket, Connie’s role within this Non-Profit Organization are simple and concise in advocating against the cancer and provide support to cancer patients across the country.

“Mrs. Connie Ferguson will play a pivotal role in advancing the achievement of the Non-Profit Organisation’s (NGO) objectives including the promotion of breast cancer awareness, dispelling various preconceived myths around breast cancer across all gender and support the nominated fund recipient to provide breast cancer health care services and research” wrote Lions Cricket.

Joined by some of South Africa’s most prominent and media personalities, Connie Ferguson was amongst the people who believes in worthy course and advocating for alleviation of societies. Amongst the attendees was Miss South Africa Lalela Mswane who has had her fair share of drama while advocation for what she believed what correct. This followed after against all odds, including her country pulled out from supporting her while she went to take center stage at the Miss Universe Pageant that was held in Israel.

We have come know and love Connie Ferguson for always being the beacon on hope and giving others opportunities in her field of expertise. Her successful Ferguson Films that she founded with her late husband Shona Ferguson has given a number of emerging actors and actresses opportunities to star in major television shows. At the same token, Connie has had her fair share of drama and bad publicity where the Ferguson Films was concerned

Recently, the rumors surrounding one of her most popular TV shows to be biting the dust have gained too much momentum. With all the back and fourths that has been happening on social media, it does look like The Queen will be filming its latest episodes as it is rumored to end filming early 2023.

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