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Isibaya And Skeem Saam Actors’ Salaries Leaked



Isibaya And Skeem Saam Actors’ Salaries Leaked

South Africa’s entertainment industry has taken the world by surprise. In Africa, Nigeria and Ghana had the most appreciated entertainment acts but South Africa has come to the party mainly through music and soapie operas. In South Africa an average actor racks in R14,291 thousand per month.

South African actors especially prominent soapie opera actors are paid in regards to how prominent is the role which one is acting, how long is the service required, and obviously one’s experience.

Skeem Saam first premiered on SABC1 in 2011 and is one of the most followed soapie operas in South Africa and it boasts of more than 8 million viewers. According to the Broadcast Research Council of South Africa, Skeem Saam is the third most-watched soapie opera in South Africa trailing behind Uzalo and Generations The Legacy.

Despite having a wide base on viewership Skeem Saam is one of the low budget soapie productions. Skeem Saam cast is mainly dominated by veteran actors with vast experience in the film industry such as Koko Mantsha but their monthly salaries do not attest to that.

With Skeem Saam being one of the most and longest aired soapies on SABC 1 it‘s every actor’s desire to be part of the Skeem Saam cast but their low monthly salary has been a stumbling block for many.

It’s so shocking that despite being one of the most followed show, Skeem Saam actors most of them rack in less money per month as compared to some Isibaya actors.

Isibaya And Skeem Saam Actors’ Salaries Leaked

Multi-award winning actress Lydia Mokgokoloshi affectionately known as Koko Mantsha is one of the highest-paid actors on the set of Skeem Saam.

The seasoned actor boasts of more than 30 years in the acting industry and has featured in soapies such as Bophelo ke Smphekgo. Despite being relieved from full time acting Koko Mantsha takes home R35,000 monthly. Seasoned actors such as Meikie, Mantuli, John, and Lelo their take-home salary is between R30,000 to 35,000 per month depending on their time on scenes and roles on set.

With a number of seasoned actors at its disposal, Skeem Saam’s cast salaries per month are lower as compared to other soapies. Surprisingly some star actors within the set of Skeem Saam such as Leeto, Lehasa, Rachel, Tbose, Marothi and Leshole takes home a monthly salary between R25,000 to R30,000 per month.

Kwaito’s take-home salary is between R20,000 to R25,000 per month. Due to their roles and less time on scenes, Sis Ouma, Pretty, Emkay and Mokgadi gets the same range of salary between R20,000 to R25,000 per month.

Nimrod is the least paid actor with his monthly salary between R15,00 to R20,000 thousand per month.

Skeem Saam is one of the most-watched soapies hence they have quite a number of supporting actors and they take between R1,500 to R6,000 per call.

Despite having lesser viewership, Isibaya is one of the most paying soapies in South Africa with its cast members racking away large sums of money more than some other soapie actors in the country such is the case of Skeem Saam Actors and Uzalo.

Isibaya Actors montly salaries

Mpiyakhe is one of the lead actors on the show and she gets a salary between R40,000 to R50,000 for her role. Ntwenhle gets a salary between R35,000 to R45,000 while Qondi gets between R35,000 to R40,000 a month because of their influential roles. Mkabayi racks in between R35,000 to R40,000 a month.

Lilian gets a salary between R30,000 to R40,000 a month. Mandla, Sbu and Phumelele also get the same range of salary as Lilian. Jabu is paid between R25,000 and R30,000 a month.

Sphokazi gets between R36,000 to R43,000 while Qaphela is paid between R25,000 to R35,000 a month. Sibongile is paid between R25,000 to R35,000 a month.

Pam gets a salary between R15,000 to R25,000 while Skaleni is paid between R20,000 to R30,000 a month. Jerry gets a salary between R18,000 to R20,000 a month.

Ntandane racks in a salary between R18,00 to R23,000 a month. Makhanyi salary is between R25,000 to R32,000 whilst Fezile is paid an estimate of R27,000 a month.

Isibaya And Skeem Saam Actors’ Salaries Leaked


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RHOJ Star Fighting For Her Life




Real Housewives of Joburg star Christal Kay is embroiled in a legal battle over her mansion.

Christal‘s house has been the envy of the nation ever since she first appeared on the reality show, Real Housewives of Joburg (RHOJ).

Kristal who is the neighbour of the likes of Basetsane Khumalo and other high profile celebs in SA says she is frustrated because the deal has gone wrong.

According to Kay she entered into a deal of selling her Kyalami mansion for R8 million, last August with businesswoman Kholeka Bubu and little did she know that things were going to turn sour

According to Kay, Kholeka paid a deposit of just over half the purchase price into the estate agent’s trust account as a result of which she moved out and R1 million of the trust monies was paid directly to her.

‘‘This was used up during the move and rental payments as I was living elsewhere. It was agreed that the balance of the purchase price would be paid 8 months later,” she says.

Kay had to rent another home in Dainfern.

D day finally came for Bubu to pay the balance she owed, but she asked for an extension to pay the remaining three million as she did not have sufficient funds.

Kay says according to an addendum that was entered into and provided that for a three-month extension Bubu would pay her R750 000 and it would come out of the purchase price however it was recorded very clearly that these funds were non-refundable.

“These funds were necessary as I was required to incur further expenses while the transfer of the property was delayed by her. If she failed to make payment on the date set for the final payment which was the 19th July 2021 she would have to forfeit those funds as I had to carry significant expenses while the property transfer was delayed,’’ Kay further added.

But the payment date arrived and no final payment was forthcoming.

Kholeka was subsequently provided with a notice of cancellation in terms of the sale agreement and still failed to make payment timeously.

According to kay she then legally cancelled the sale agreement, but to her dismay the day after the cancellation she was presented with an unapproved bond from Kholeka trying to rescue her situation although according to the agreement it was not catered for a bond.

“She argues that whether she secures the purchase price by way of a cash payment or bond will make no difference to me, that is both untrue and irrelevant.”


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A post shared by Christall Kay (@christallkay)

The manner in which the purchase price is paid in any sale agreement (be it for something as small as a chappie at a corner store or a mansion such as this one) is fundamental to the sale agreement and the payment needs to take place strictly according to the agreed provisions.” she adds.

Kays says she hopes to recoup her losses through a damages claim.

“Eviction proceedings have started in the Magistrates Court to get her out of the house in the interim but everyone knows how long the legal process can take.”

“I have had to brief attorneys and advocates at great cost. I just can’t wait for this all to be over! This is causing a significant cash flow issue. My bills keep piling up (including the legal fees) all while she continues to enjoy living in a mansion.’’

To add salt into her wounds Kay says she had to attend upon her property on 18 October for inspection.

“Despite us giving due notice to her attorney, Bubu called the police and the heavies on me. I was surrounded by police and men that looked like bouncers. They were all screaming and shouting and saying I was trespassing when I was not. Bubu is the illegal occupier. I can’t wait for my day in court to get my house back.”

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Somizi Loses His Sister




Media personality, Somizi Mhlongo has shared news of his sister’s loss and her private burial.

Somizi Loses His Sister

Taking to Instagram, Somizi revealed that his family was recently mourning the loss of his older sister who was buried last week Friday.

Somizi Loses His Sister

Somizi shared how they had a private burial for her because she was a private person. Not much is known about his sister and most of his fans had no idea that he had an older sister. He wrote;

“Last week Friday we bid farewell to my mom’s first born….my sister. She was a very private person and her wishes was that her send off shud be just that. And we made sure that we grant her that. It was a peaceful dignified send off….”

Somizi shared pictures from the private ceremony where all his loved ones were present.

Somizi went on to thank all of his friends and relatives that reached out to show support during his difficult time.

“Now let me take this time to thank everyone who came through…the messages…friends and relatives….” he wrote.

The former Idols SA judge extended his gratitude to black-owned businesses that provided their top-notch services during her sister’s burial. He thanked them for going over and above in ensuring that her sister received the most dignified send-off.

Somizi who had hired ‘Black Excellence Service Providers’ during his sister’s burial went on to urge his followers to stop stigmatizing black businesses just because they probably once received a bad service.


Somizi Loses His Sister

“We need to destigmatize the notion that black businesses give bad services….bad service is bad service. Good service is good service. Regardless of race.”

Meanwhile, condolence messages from celebs and his fans have been flooding his comment section ever since he announced the loss of his sister.

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Levels! Casper Nyovest renovates his house for summer parties




The extravagant rapper who is constantly buying expensive things and showing it off on his social has done it again. Casper Nyovest renovates his house for summer parties that he plans to host throughout the season.




The rapper, who is also nicknamed King Mufasa has taken his house renovations to another level. He has concentrated on the pool this time. Casper had an artist paint some artwork in his swimming pool. The rapper took to Instagram and shared pictures of his new swimming pool in a captioned post. “Like I said, this crib is almost ready for the summer. I’m throwing the hottest @billiato1 parties this summer!!! Artists must support other artists. Got my first @ennockmart piece and it’s in my pool. The price of my house just went up! This was a collab with @louilance. The real question is! Will you get an invite?”

The rapper has been making headlines a lot this month for splurging. Casper bought his baby mama a costly watch for her birthday earlier this year. He went on to get his son a mini-Bentley as a gift. Then he got automated blinds for his crib and now this expensive artwork for his pool. Many celebrities were in the comment section celebrating with Casper and complimenting the new look of the pool. Simphiwe Ngema, Nhlanhla Nciza, Cleo Ice Queen, etc were commenting

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The artist’s name is Ennock Mlangeli. He is a self-taught visual artist. He won Bic competition in the year 2017, and his first solo exhibition was in Belgium last year. This artist made headlines when he painted a fridge for a price of R1.3 million. On his Instagram post, Ennock thanked Casper Nyovest for the support and went on to say that this was an interesting art piece to execute.

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