Today Twitter was set ablaze by Thandiswa Mazwai who let the cat out of the bag about her love life. She is well known for keeping her private life under wraps but the award-winning actress did admit that she has not had sex for something like 15-years. In the wake of this daring tweet, she has been trending since morning.

Thandiswa Mazwai is really active on Twitter this morning as she has been having conversations with other users regarding her love life. It all started when Sizwe Dhlomo asked his followers how many people want them right now.

“If you were to estimate, how many people want you right now? Lol!”

Responding to this, Thandiswa mentioned she has no one hitting on her. The musician stated no one has hit on her in the past 15years but women do smile at her. She even boldly claimed that she was not sharing the side of the bed with anyone.

However many tweeps flooded the comment section suggesting that she was lying and faking it all. Many of her fans felt she was lying and decided to open the floor to any man who have hit on her in the past 15 years to signify.
Reacting to that, Thandiswa had to reveal she has been in a particular relationship for 15 years now.

“Actually I’ve been in a relationship for 15yrs…I’m just being greedy,” she said.

Thandiswa Nyameka Mazwai is a South African musician and is also the lead vocalist and songwriter of Bongo Maffin. She is also known as King Tha. In 2004, her first solo project Zabalaza album attained the double-platinum status and her album also got nominated for Planet Awards on BBC Radio 3.