Connie Chiume is a South African seasoned actress who has wowed Mzansi with her stellar performances. From playing from an amiable and caring role as Mamokete Khuse on’s Rhythm City to the now toxic crime Queen pin. Currently, Chiune plays MamSonto on Gomora.

From the looks of things, it seems as if the seasoned actress is taking a break from Gomora if not acting. She has run out of luck and her evil deeds are haunting her and need redemption to escape her daughter’s wrath. We can all agree that the vivacious actress’ unmatched flair has made her a reckoning force not only in Mzansi but the world at large.

No doubt that if you think her recent storyline on the hit soapie Gomora is the end you might be right. Yes, she might be kissing goodbye despite her being that actress we all love to hate. Just like other epic and dramatic exits, MamSonto kidnapping left many confused.

And it seems as if MamSonto may be getting killed from Gomora scripts after getting kidnapped by her daughter, Thati. The cunning and ruthless MamSonto’s hijackers killed Thati’s husband and left her without anything even a place to call home.