Connie Ferguson has been aging like fine wine and one would never guess how old she is. The actress who, together with her husband, Shona Ferguson, has built an empire through their Ferguson Films Production company, is celebrating her 50th birthday today.

The star has been counting down to her birthday since the beginning of June by making countdown Instagram posts on her timeline.

As Mzansi’s favorite actress Connie Ferguson, celebrates her 50th birthday today, her hubby Shona Ferguson, took to Instagram to celebrate her birthday.

Shona had us all melting and wishing for that MR. Right, as he gushed over his wifey. The actor expressed how much he loves her, and described her as a blessing to him and their family.

The lovebirds have been together for several years and their union is totally unmatched. After having achieved a lot of things in life, it is still unbelievable that Connie is 50 years old.

The actress has become a gym bunny and taking care of herself, to make sure that she remains fit and beautiful are some of the most significant priorities in her life.

From us at Mzansi Ndaba we say happy birthday Connie Ferguson

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