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Cedric Fourie looking for a side chick to have a baby for him



Cedric Fourie looking for a side chick to have a baby for him. Cedric Fourie has garnered fame for his twisted turn as ruthless businessman Lehasa Maphosa in Skeem Saam and recently as charming Dr Mthembu in Durban Gen.

Cedric Fourie looking for a side chick to have a baby for him

The latter has been a dream come true for Fourie, as playing a doctor was always on his acting to-do list.

Get to know Fourie away from the limelight:

Who is Cedric Fourie?

He is a father, son and brother and grandson. He is a businessman, a University of Cape Town graduate, an actor, a network engineer – he is basically a lover of all things good. He is passionate about helping people from underprivileged backgrounds. He is also all about seeing growth in circumstances unimaginable.

How would you best describe your fashion sense?

I dress according to how I feel. I like experimenting. If I feel good and happy, and because I am a storyteller by nature, one can at times tell how I feel based on how I am dressed. No-one really inspires my look, my inspiration comes from what I see all around me.

What is your love language?

Words of affirmation. I believe we need to communicate verbally not just through actions because those can be misinterpreted. I think as people we have to be good at communicating verbally – we need to say what we mean and mean what we say. It’s easier to communicate your true intentions with words. I also love presence. Being present is a love language on its own.

If you could pause any moment in your life, which would it be?

I don’t believe in pausing moments. I believe in living it and outliving a moment and recreating it if you feel like you’re not done with that moment.

But if I were to pause any moment, it would have to be when my name was called as the an official University of Cape Town graduate at the virtual graduation ceremony. I went on a vacation in Thailand, it was extremely amazing, I will pause that.

My skin tone. I’ve got uneven skin tone. I hate it so much. Like, my body from my head to knees is one skin colour and then my calves are a shade darker as well as my hands. I don’t understand why but I just don’t like it. It’s almost like there are two people in one body.

What’s the one song you are embarrassed with in your playlist?

It would have to be DJ Mujava’s Mugwanti that’s still on my playlist and I need to get rid of it. This song’s bass-used to make us go crazy back in the day but now I can’t be playing those type of songs.

What always makes you laugh?

A lot of things make me laugh. My humour is so broad; I find humour in almost everything. Like I can be in the scariest of situations in life but if there is something I can spot that’s funny, I will burst out laughing and try to find my way back into fear mode. I also enjoy teasing people, especially people I work with. A lot of people think I’m this guy with muscles who’s all serious only to find out that I am all about laughter.


If you weren’t afraid what would you do?

I’d open a scrapyard. I would then start a gas company and start a journalism degree and also do economics. Oh, I also have a fetish which is wanting to have a baby with someone else. My partner and I joke about this a lot but yeah, if I wasn’t afraid, I’d have a baby with someone else and probably get married to my partner.

What secret talent do you have?

I can write poetry,I am good at cooking and I love to smell good

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Lamiez gets Herself The “Facken Car” | WATCH




DJ Lamiez Holworthy has bought herself brand new set of wheels and is in awe at the amount of success she has acquired in a short space of time. The DJ who is wife to rapper Kuli Chana, documented the whole experience and had her family and friends right beside her.

Lamiez bagged herself a black luxurious quantum at the Mercedes Benz dealership. With her husband Khuli right by her side and mother as well as family and friends, Lamiez said in the video that her late father was there with them as well.

She explained the phenomenon saying it rained when she drove into to the dealership and then again when she immediately left, “It legit rained as soon as I drove in to the dealership. Stopped then rained again as soon as I was driving out. I know that was my dad. I just know it.”

This massive achievement is just another tick off her bucket list and is definitely living the dream. Lamiez brought the whole family out as the little ones hopped into the back seat and as she drove off, she looked very happy and over the moon.

Lamiez got reminded of all that her parents did for her when she first started out. Mid-groove she shed a tear because she got taken back to when her mother would drive her to gigs in a security van.

“Whilst playing at my first gig yesterday, I legit had a moment and shed a tear when I realised that I am legit living the life I always dreamt of,” she said.

“My dad must be so proud. From him and my mom taking me 2 gigs in a security van to this…Black child, when I say it’s possible- I mean it!!!”

Lamiez received an overwhelming amount of congratulatory messages and she thanked everyone. She said her parents were not extremely wealthy and does not come from much, but her drive lead her to where she is now, “And it WILL happen. I am living proof thereof. I don’t come from much. Now I get to live out all my wildest dream.”

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Is Mohale’s Life In Danger?




Is Mohale’s Life In Danger?

Media personality Mohale Motaung took to his Twitter to share with tweeps a scary incident that has sent chills throughout Mzansi. Tweeps are still in shock speculating what exactly was the intention of the heinous act.

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In a tweet, a distraught Mohale went on to narrate the incident to his fans. He said, “Last night someone tried to spike my drink TWICE, Thank God @uPeace_ was there and saw this guy. We didn’t even know what to do after we caught him because we were just in so much disbelief. People are weird!”


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A post shared by Mohale Tebogo Motaung (@mohale_77)

Is Mohale's

Is Mohale’s

In response, tweeps have taken to Mohale’s comment section to comfort him and assure him that what is important is that no harm came upon him. For some, they simply believe that this was an act of sabotage and that someone is actually out to get Mohale.


For fans, the scary part is that they don’t know what would have happened had the guy not been caught. For some, they are all pointing fingers towards Somizi’s direction. I mean come on people. Haven’t these two had enough?

Now tweeps and fans alike have decided that Mohale needs a bodyguard because clearly Mzansi is no longer safe for the radio presenter. And while Mohale is yet to respond to the suggestions from his fans, it seems that he was really shaken by the incident.


Speaking of Somizi however, just the other day, Mohale was put on the spotlight, after a troll mentioned that Mohale was stealing Somgaga’s ideas and using them as his own.

This was after Mohale had announced that he would be holding a #FineryBrunchWithMohale that held quite the similar concept with Somizi’s #eatlovepraywithsomizi retreat tour. According to fans, this could just mean that Mohale is still hung up on his estranged husband.

There is no denying that Mohale has faced quite the backlash from tweeps and trolls alike ever since his breaking with Somizi. To many of Somizi’s fans, Mohale was simply with Somgaga for his money and nothing more. The two went from being Mzansi’s favourite couple to being well, Mohale and Somizi. And it seems, there is no going back for them.

But, whether they are together or not, fans are happy to see that Mohale continues to live his life to the fullest. In a recent Instagram post, Mohale is undoubtedly looking happy and fans love this for him. Despite the scary incident, Mohale retains a positive outlook all the way.

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6 Things Group Members Do After You Send An Explicit Video By Mistake




6 Things Group Members Do After You Send An Explicit Video By Mistake

We have numerous social groups on our smartphones, each with a different set of rules depending on who we are socializing with.

6 Things

6 Things

From family, friends, workmates, schoolmates, church members, and a whole lot of different other groupings. Some of them are purely social, we chat, play, and share anything while some are for only communication.

Church and family groups are notorious for oopsie moments because of the strict way in which members should interact.

Imagine your pastor sending nude pictures in the church group, that’s a massive oopsie which may go viral all over social media.

Have you ever wondered what really happens when someone mistakenly sends that raunchy video in a group that it’s not allowed?

Three Types Of Group Members
Well, the scenario is common everywhere, there are those types of people who use WhatsApp GB and other hacks to make sure they don’t miss your oopsie moment.

Then the other section who don’t care much about seeing your mistake or not.

The last type is rare, the ones who delete without even watching the video once they know it was a mistake.

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Majority Rules

Given that the first group is the most prevalent, what happens in a respectable group if you send explicit stuff is uniform everywhere.

First and foremost, the members download and save the video, to make sure they won’t miss out if you delete it. Some have gone to great lengths to use hacks (WhatsApp GB) that capture such oopsie moments for them to view later.

Secondly, they watch the video, in view of rating how gross the mistake is. Their reactions to your mistake are dependant on how explicit the video is, with a more explicit one getting the most outrageous response.

The third step is they send to friends and other lawless groups or those specifically made for that, yes they are plenty even though the law does not allow such.

The fourth step is they rush back to see how you are being roasted over your mistake and they add salt to your wound.

They express shock and disgust, rebuke and insult you.

You will be lucky if they are your friends outside the group, you don’t get roasted that much.

Reactions on this stage may be a bit different depending on the group. In church, family and other respectable groups, a deafening silence may follow after your mistake. Don’t be fooled though that they didn’t see it, sections within the group will be discussing it outside the group and busy sharing it with others.

Step five, depending on your status in the group, you may even be removed or if you are in authority, then your status may save you.

Step six, having successfully campaigned for your removal from the group, they go back to their galleries and watch the video again.

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After which, they then transfer the video to some hiding applications like Vault for viewing later or sharing with someone who missed your oopsie.

What it then means is that after making a mistake sending an explicit video to a respectable group, you just need to apologize and be aware of these people.

Worrying about how everyone will react won’t help because the vulture section is the dominant everywhere and just be prepared to go viral.

Remember, even if you go viral, it’s just for a while, there will soon be another one to take over from you. You can’t be the talk of the town for the whole year, social media will not disappoint on this one.

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