We have a winner of the Silhouette Challenge, everybody: Buhle Samuels uploaded another provocative video to Instagram on Sunday…

First it was the #BussItChallenge which saw many of our ZAlebs taking part. The viral challenge was then replaced by the #SilhouetteChallenge giving us less time to catch our breaths.

The hype has died down a bit however it ain’t over till Buhle Samuels says it’s over. The actress saved the best for last and had us mesmerized by her perfectly sculpted body. Her take on the challenge saw her topping the trends list on social media.


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We know the model has a body to die for but every time she flaunts it we are left stupefied.

Indeed, the silver-screen seductress is making something of a habit out of these challenges. In December, she slayed the ‘John Vuli Gate’ variation on the theme, and just a few weeks ago, rumours about an attempted ‘Buss It Challenge’ also set pulses racing. On both occasions, the 30-year-old ended up dominating the discourse on social media.

The former Muvhango actor kicked things up a notch on Sunday, however. The Silhouette Challenge basically requires participants to go from a relatively innocuous situation, to dancing provocatively with the lights turned down low – leaving only the outline of the body visible. Let’s just say Buhle Samuels left the bare minimum to the imagination, here…