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Baby Cele Makes A Comeback On Uzalo Will Gabisile return a changed woman?



Uzalo viewers will be pleased to know that the show is stirring things up with the return of legendary actress Baby Cele next month.

The actress’ character on the show, Gabisile, will not be coming back as a ghost but she will actually be back as herself after her husband Qhabanga, played by Syabonga Shibe, strangled her and tossed her in the river with the purpose of killing her.


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According to reports, Gabisile’ return to KwaMashu — where Uzalo is set — will have have a backstory and she may come back a changed woman after heresies which led to her husband wanting to kill her.


When Baby Cele and her on-screen husband on the show left, a statement was released regarding their departure which read, “Baby Cele and Siyabonga Shibe will indeed be leaving the show by the end of season six of Uzalo. The story has taken this direction and will give us a riveting, high-stakes ending for both characters. The decision was made in consultation with the two actors. Both have given a tremendous amount to their roles on Uzalo and we are forever grateful for that. We will be introducing a host of new characters played by South Africa’s best. Please stay tuned and see as the story unfolds

Baby Cele had been away from the SABC1 soapie because she was busy shooting on the new e.TV drama series that recently took over from Rhythm City, titled House of Zwide. But prior to that, it was reported that the actress had also been cast in the international film, Red Cargo. The late Menzi Ngubane was reported to be joining Baby Cele and other American actors for the upcoming film Red Cargo which was said to hit the big screen in 2021.

Reports suggested that the film would be shot in the country and other local actors in the movie are Siyabonga Shibe, Israel Matseke-Zulu, Luthuli Dlamini and many more. Last year, the producer of the film, Senzo Zindela, also revealed that the now-late veteran actor Menzi Ngubane would be playing lead in the movie whilst Baby Cele plays the role of his mother.

Another actor who chose House of Zwide over Uzalo is Khaya Dladla. The radio presenter recently spoke to Isolezwe, where he said his contract with the upcoming Etv telenovela is lengthy as compared to Uzalo’s.

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Although he could not say why he left the show for good, unlike Baby Cele, he could not promise his future with the SABC1 soapie because there are a lot of scenes he shot with the show that are still yet to be played.

Another factor fot Khaya was that both the shows are shot in two different cities so he would not be able to manage the conflict that would have risen.

“When we returned to Uzalo, they did not inform us (he and Nokuthula Mabika) how long we were going to stay with show. Other cast members knew they were only going to be with the show for a few weeks then their contracts lapse.

“That is why when the opportunity aroused for me to join House Of Zwide, I could not turn it down because I know how long I am contracted to stay with them which years to come,” he explained.


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Zodwa Says Ben 10’s Must Ask For R15 000 In Allowance




Zodwa Wabantu is not one to not want to see other people not succeed. She has always been an inspiration when it comes to her business mind and we are sure everyone loves her for it.

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Zodwa took to her Instagram to encourage the Ben 10’s that date her to moonlight her with purpose. In her video, she said, “Hi guys, to all my Ben 10s, guys look at me, I sell sex and I am given a car in return. So to every Ben 10 that is dating me…if you’re gonna go out there while you’re dating me as in you’re hustling, ask for money, ask for driver’s license. Don’t ask for champagne or alcohol.

If you’re gonna [sleep around] while dating me…ask for 15 000 monthly allowances….”

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Zodwa is in Durban after sleeping with someone who then gave her a car. She also said it is not her car, it is the work of her girl


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A post shared by zodwalibram (@zodwalibram)

Zodwa also said, “...Remember we have Money, Don’t Worship us, let us help you to Reach your Own Potential Please Please Condomise, Angifuni later Nithi Naguliswa yimi😌 HIV🧬 Umuntu no Muntu Akazigulele🙏🏾❤️ Mina Angikusabi”

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Kuli Roberts puts DJ Sbu on blast for calling her ‘grootman’ – Video




Kuli Roberts puts DJ Sbu on blast for calling her ‘grootman’ Kuli Roberts Intensifies Fight For Albinism Awareness.

Kuli Roberts was Mac G’s recent guest on his Podcast and Chill, which now broadcasts on Channel O. Her episode did not entice avid viewers of Mac G’s podcast, with a handful of people saying it was boring. Nonetheless, she made some pretty eye-opening statements and taught people the importance of embracing people living with albinism.

The woman who goes by name of ‘Stop Albinism Killings’ on Twitter, showed just how passionate she is about this cause. Mac G asked her about it and said he has never seen a hashtag dedicated to albinism awareness. Kuli reiterated that she has made it a lifestyle for her to advocate for albinism and does not want it to just be a trend.

In the clip shared by Channel O, she says, “I don’t put a hashtag, it’s a way of life,” she then adds that she does not wait until albinism awareness month, to start advocating. She believes if she does this every Thursday then it will gain momentum, just like how every Thursday she dedicated it so ‘happy lesbian Thursday.”

She says she does this because she wants to educate the black homophobes and let them know that women also do date each other.

“The reason I say that is so that the black man who is a homophobe can know that there are women who like other women. Because as black people, we like to use tradition and culture and all sorts of excuses for weirdness.

“We need to be exposed to things and you may not agree but you need to know that these things exist. And my reason for supporting people with albinism is because I want Africans to stop killing them. And I want African languages to change what they call people with albinism. Because every single name in every single African language for a person with albinism is derogatory.”

Kuli also made viewers chuckle a bit when she revealed that DJ Sbu actually used to call her ‘grootman.’ “DJ Sbu calls everybody Grootman. He accidentally called me Grootman. I was like, Woah.”

The last time Kuli made headlines was when people expressed concern for her “dramatic weight loss.” Speaking on the hate, she said “It’s quite funny though, that people who are talking about me being skinny are the same people who are wearing cycling shorts under their clothes because they are not comfortable about the way they look, Truth is, everybody wants to be thin.”

“Back in the 90s people used to tease me back I am dark-skinned. Some said I was so dark ingathi ndisuzwele yi donkey ebusweni (as if a donkey farted in my face). Then people said came from a well-off family why didn’t I bleach my skin and look like Mshoza and I said no. Now they talk about my weight, I don’t care.”

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Mac G on the other trended for the revelation he made about his ex-girlfriend Lamiez Holworthy. Many people did not know he and Lamiez used to be an item, but now they do. He said the reason they broke up is that she was getting too serious as she wanted to introduce him to her parents. “She wanted to introduce me to her parents and sh*t, then I said Nah I’m gone,” he revealed.

He said he felt very bad for leaving her because he could see that she was very much in love with him. He also was about to reveal more about their relationship, but Sol interrupted him.

“I thought we were just having fun but then I realized that no she is taking things very seriously.”

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Minnie Is Struggling To Move On




It has been exactly 3 years since TV presenter and Actress Minnie Dlamini-Jones lost her brother.

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The TV personality is struggling to come to terms with her brother’s passing.

Minnie’s brother died after being in ICU for several weeks after he suffered from a ruptured brain aneurysm which placed him on life support for 23 days.

Today she took to Instagram to remember him. “3 Years today & it still doesn’t feel real 💔 I used to fear death but now I have something to look forward to ❤️ I Love you always my boy,” Minnie wrote Captioning the picture of her late brother


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A post shared by Minnie (@minniedlamini)

aking to Instagram, she said she could not believe that it has been 4 years already. “wow time flies!” she wrote.

Minnie said marriage is not a walk in a park, she said it comes with challenges. “Marriage is not easy and there are many times we’ve both wanted to call it quits but it’s days like today that remind us of the promise we made to each other Love you Baba kaNetha #TheJoneses”

Meanwhile, the TV star is also continuing to build a legacy for her family. She recently announced her brand new show.

She was looking for inspiring TV personalities. All they had to do was to send a shoutout video, introduce themselves and post the video on social media using the hashtag #OwnTheO.

“Do you want to be on TV? Grow your social media following? Flex your presenting skills, all while watching your favorite music videos from around the world? Now you can with Own The O!” she wrote introducing her show that will be aired on Channel O soon.

Minnie said she is now more involved behind the scenes as a storyteller under her company Beautiful Day Productions.

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“If someone had to ask me who I am, I am a storyteller. It’s what I love most about life and how my ancestors passed on our history and lessons that the next generation needs to learn. I am so blessed that I get to express this passion of mine in multiple mediums.” She said.

“Here is one of my hidden (not anymore) talents. I created a beautiful story about love that transcends racial prejudice. I got to work with my genius brother @junkieflo who with a talented team of writers brought our story to life in the @kyknettv movie called PA. It’s always about breaking the mold and not allowing myself to be boxed into a category.”

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